young woman loses her cool on showtime at the apollo

>>slickableandsoulful>>young woman loses her cool on showtime at the apollo
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Abiyah Rina:
yo baby yo baby yo baby yo-git yo azz off tht stage!
Carlissa Millner:
New York OMG that's newyork from reality tv
Carlos Abelar:
New York people are ruthless..thank God I live in west coast..
Crissy Smalls88:
I remembered watching this, YOU fucking Made it YES, YOU did.
I can't believe how the audience reacted. Poor girl
Daily Asmr:
She could probably really sing but she just had stage fright I feel bad for the girl.
French Quebec:
Ok I give her credit for trying. These Apollo mutha fuckas rude as hell. Black folks be too hard though.
Innikka Chambers:
Girl........... you dodged a bullet.
Jarek Bradshaw:
Apollo was on πŸ’― when it came to the audience, but on the real, we're just going to ignore the fact that Steve Harvey has the brightest diamond vest on God's green earth?!
Lakita Butler:
LMAOπŸ˜‚ This was the real Apollo, now it's FAKE AKE AS SHIT WITH the fake Spanish THOT from THE REAL!
She sound like one of the ladies singing on the Dolemite soundtracks lmao
This Lady really got or had a Beautiful Voice, If she wasn't so scared. Bless her Heart.
Sophia Smith:
She was thicker than a snicker. Walking justa fasss ... Steve was about 2 bust open !!!! He sAid it himself!!!

Him: probably got a nice job?!?!? Everything going to work out for us!?!?

Sounds like a personal relationship
dick smack:
The more confidence she gains the worse she gets LOL
This is funny as hell to me especially while she keeps wiping her eyes so they won’t boo her off stage lol

    aiight, this shit really isn't funny...smdh