young woman loses her cool on showtime at the apollo

>>slickableandsoulful>>young woman loses her cool on showtime at the apollo
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A. R.:
They shoulda been booing tht vest Steve Harvey had on
Amanda Ratliff:
lol yall dont realise even lauryn hill got booed and shes amazing
They who can't get their nut criticizing those who try and can.
J Junior:
Man apollo was mean back n the day lol
Jermaine “JoJo” Hernández:
[To the crowd] 😒 People, if u ain't the 1 that's on stage entertaining or
least singing or trying to sing (puttin effort) & performing in front of
thousands of people, then u have no right to be Booing anybody at ALL.
John Smith:
why didnt steve tell everyone to stfu and stop being fkn rude.
Lovelm Purple:
I would not perform in front of black people they to ignorant they treat
each other bad because of brainwashing
Luke Leopard:
she should have cut a fart joke then she would have been loved!
Mommy D:
DAMN! Steve Harvey looks so young and so slender. Ok. Gonna watch video now
lol 😊
Tony DeTuna:
Who is she?
Did she cut an album?
William Henderson:
The reason they are all booing is very simple. The Apollo is the black
theatre with the Highest Prestige in America. So you can't go up there and
be shy or cry or have stage fright. You have to be ready to get it.
She would sound decent if she was not shook like that.
Apollo audience was so dirty back in the day. Smh they would boo you as
soon you walked out. They are booing at her appearance.
How do you get booed even before starting? I think people in the audience
are there just to be assholes. Look at Steve Harvey. Way back then he had
no idea just who he was going to end up being, the king he would become.
Steve started out and the world typically does not know this, but from a
little town in West Virginia called Welch. Steve came from the poorest
county in the United States, McDowell County, WV.
yogi B:
Po' baby you can hear her voice somewhere in there mixed up with her

    aiight, this shit really isn't funny...smdh