young woman loses her cool on showtime at the apollo

>>slickableandsoulful>>young woman loses her cool on showtime at the apollo
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Bubbles wand:
When u watch this in 2017 and think damn Steve Harvey use to look like that
Butter Toast:
Steve look good back in the 80's.
Carlos Clayton:
I remember this man it was so hard to watch moments like this 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fellow Traveler:
Poor girl! She was just a young woman with a passion and the bravery to put herself out there. I couldn't have done that.
Freddie Spencer:
lol the comment 😂😂😂😂😂
poor girl was scared as shit. she probably isn't too bad as a singer either... just completely unnerved. people can be so mean to each other 😥
Kevin Frazier:
Courage still pressed through!!! I wonder what she doing now?
Kira Lunar:
Steve was more disgusting than the crowd...
Levar Collins:
Steryjen Deese:
That StevE;)!Who doesn't lOVE SteVe thEy have a PrOBLEm 😘I just love his silly butt
Sub Killer:
Black people wear the brightest colors LMAO
Whitney Miller:
I didn't think it was funny. I can tell she had a voice but choked a bit.
audi presley:
First of all, that is a TERRIBLE key for that song. OK, she was extremely nervous singing before an audience that is HISTORICALLY vicious, so that's on HER. Still, the melody was barely recognizable. She murdered that song.
Steve Harvey and this damn vest!!!!!
I feel sorry for her. Crowds are so intimidating. Especially apollo. I'm glad that she made it through her song. God bless her. I love how steve tried to help calm her down...😚😊

    aiight, this shit really isn't funny...smdh