I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)

>>Tim McGraw>>I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)
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Andrew Reisinger:
Wow, what a moving song, lived the video. God bless yall!
Barry Kenyon:
If a woman can watch this and not feel like I do then she's not the one.......
Bessie Belcher:
my husband sings this song to me. been married almost 9 years.
Donald T:
they have what the rest of the world is searching for, God Bless them and their family
Elka Collymore:
Happy 21st anniversary faith and tim.
Jennifer Morris:
I need you like a needle needs a vein........dear oh dear that’s hideous.
Juan Bautista:
I bet she fucks him smooth...dat look in her eye total cock worship
timmy is a lucky guy.. I wish I had that in my life
Olivia Likens:
I like your music so much ttim McGregor
Patty P:
Beautiful duet of a husband and wife! The passion reminds me of my husband and I after 38+ years~~~~~~
Pebbles Pearl:
i was just listening to Truck Yeah. there is a big difference.
Ramsay Prine:
This song got me through a tough time... My mom passed then I went to work in Nebraska from Ms. Left a girlfriend . but made it like a real cowboy. Ramsay prine
Toddler Approved:
This song still gives me chills. My heart swells when people stay married (I know there are exceptions). I'm sure they aren't as perfect as they seem but WHO CARES.
Ya'll are pushing through and I love it. May the good man upstairs continue blessing your marriage =)
Ty Acct:
I wish we could get over the "Ken and Barbies" of music.  Find something a little less "Canned" and over produced.
marissa salinas:
I just love the way they look at each other.

    The Official Music Video for I Need You by Tim McGraw and featuring Faith Hill. Don't forget to subscribe to the Official Tim McGraw Channel for more great video content.