I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)

>>Tim McGraw>>I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)
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Blue Eyes:
Nimeni pe lumea asta nu ma cunoaște, nu ma înțelege si nu ma iubește așa cum o faci tu ! Am nevoie de tine ! Te iubesc suflete !
Brandi Gay:
I want someone to look at me like Tim looks at Faith, he is completely in love with her. You can see their love for each other.
Gina Vaz:
the way they look a each other ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡love it
Janna Brooks:
I think this is the prettiest Faith ever looked...beautiful!
Jason Bagsby:
This reminds me of how much I love my beautiful wife Christina Bagsby
Jeff Tyler:
Are there tabs for this version?!?! I can only find the full band version. Anyone???
Latrena Graham:
Chris, I Love, and Need u!! :-) :-)
Liss Anne:
I know this guy who looks like him. I could totally see how Faith Hill fell madly in love with him.
Did she say like a lighthouse needs a coast?
Renee Breland:
I'd give anything for that feeling again
Tracy Bianucci:
Such Beautiful rythym, soul and Heart ! 💗
chris galan:
this two are just like me and my wife we never look away from each other we always look each other In the eye I love this two Tim and faith forever
mondo RIFFic:
these two are a worldly duet..god bless the Mcgraws
faith looks like Candace Cameron. from full house
tatulla newcastle:
how does anyone get through this song without crying

    The Official Music Video for I Need You by Tim McGraw and featuring Faith Hill. Don't forget to subscribe to the Official Tim McGraw Channel for more great video content.