I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)

>>Tim McGraw>>I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)
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Anita Leaf:
everyone ask why I'm still single...this is why.. I want this and won't settle for less than..
Billy Barrios:
This is Billy From Sonoma CO California sending you my respect for your music don't stop keep up the good work you make a change on people's life at list on mine you have and I thank you for that. . .
Brandon A:
I love how powerful music can be, if you understand true music you understand true love
Cassandra Mills:
I really miss my sis she passed September she loved Tim she always said that was her man
David Rodriguez:
the only problem with this song... it ends too quickly
Kayla Partain:
They have so much love for each other. #Goals.
Kayli Daniels:
I just found this song and already love this song
Kimberly Ryan:
I would love a cowboy! #TheSecretLifeofHiddenDisabilities
Did Faith really write YES on a mirror when she was proposed to? I ask because I wrote YES on a mirror once as well, not even knowing her story. Very beautiful experience...
Lori Begay:
great song....beautiful...cant say enough about this song..
Michel Guerrero:
Ashley, pupies, horses and wine 🍷
Peter Cooney:
I just came across this song by accident. What a beautiful song. Wish I had that.
Pro Ljetnica:
Faith hill I love you..croatia loves you
Shane Mills:
luv this song reminds me of my beautiful lady
Taylor Steege:
Tom thomas and taylorsteege together 7 years ago

    The Official Music Video for I Need You by Tim McGraw and featuring Faith Hill. Don't forget to subscribe to the Official Tim McGraw Channel for more great video content.