I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)

>>Tim McGraw>>I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)
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Cassandra Mills:
I really miss my sis she passed September she loved Tim she always said that was her man
David Fulfer:
like a needle needs a vein ... Whaaaaat??
Erica Morgan:
I want to dedicate this song to wife Erica Henderson
Johnelle Gill:
I just told my husband of 14yrs whom I love more than anything, every time they do a video, the way they look at each other, its like they're falling in love all over again
Linda James:
This reminds me of my Sis in law Deanna and Sweet Brother Steven Glenn who is fighting Liver Cancer, Greenville , Texas,....Please Pray for Them
And please come see them in Greenville, Texas, My Only Requst❤️
Linda, Tx, Lady 😘❤️
McElliot dawson:
Faith has amazing eyes and an Angels voice.
Michel Guerrero:
Ashley, pupies, horses and wine 🍷
Panda13 IVXX:
If you're still listening to this song in 2017 than you're a special person and I hope you have a great day! :)
String Line LLC:
amazing how a few glasses of pinot noir can sing this as well
they should get married and have kids
Yummy Lollipop:
i wish i have someone to sing this song with..
charlie lol:
they really have aged for the better
oh my heart :'( this is just love.. my favorite Tim & Faith since, "It's Your Love"..
rekia curry:
rayna James and deacon Clayborne
truth will be told to all:
in my wildest dreams is where my husband looks at me with love and respect!! in real life is hell hahahhaahah

    The Official Music Video for I Need You by Tim McGraw and featuring Faith Hill. Don't forget to subscribe to the Official Tim McGraw Channel for more great video content.