I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)

>>Tim McGraw>>I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)
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Ashley Cifaratta:
you know how many amazing love songs would just be ruined if they ever split?
Candy Daniel:
There's no greater love than a country love
I need you. You are my every addiction and craving and want and desire. You are my everything. And I need you.
Cindy Jones:
beautiful song ..there looking at eachother is so passionate.....I pray that I will have that passion someday
Cynthia V:
Dunno why, but for years I thought he was playing the guitar in this video lol
Discent FISCHER:
I wish i am with my love right now... I need him in my life he makes me complete
Harlan Gorman:
They are the explanation of what love means. you can tell she loves him with all of her heart.and he as well.
Heather Johnson:
I wish my husband looked at me the way he looks at her
Jonathan Ayers:
I can't....I don't want to love any other woman. You will be my last breath
Kasandra Snyder:
My wedding song! I love it so much!
Robbie Lee:
That's the same look my baby gives me love you Carolyn my queen
Sanusi Olajumoke:
the way they look at each other melts my heart..
Southern Man:
Ohhh god..That was powerful..Made me tear up.
Trey Indica:
they are going to make a duet album this year ..FINALLY !!
Tim and Faith give me hope there is good things in this world. I cannot watch without feeling love.

    The Official Music Video for I Need You by Tim McGraw and featuring Faith Hill. Don't forget to subscribe to the Official Tim McGraw Channel for more great video content.