Cole Swindell - Chillin' It (Official Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Chillin' It (Official Video)
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Aidan Barnes:
Hey I'm biggest fan cole I have most of your music I love your music
Daniel Teague:
one of my favorites by Cole Swindell got to see him at the burn it down tour it was awesome
Dedy Wahyu:
Thumbs up if you still watching this in 2017.. :)
Drake Woodard:
good job cole I like your song I sing in my head everyday and sometimes out loud he's so cool keep making songs their really good
Gavin Chaffin:
this my favorite song right now
Gavin Hope:
you need to learn how to play my music right
Nadine Keating:
perhaps he should stick to singing and lookin good....cause dancing is not his strong suite!! lol
Rob Hebert:
ya the blazer is nice Cole keep up the good work and sorry for the loss of your father
Sam Stewart:
naw he aint lookin at the girl he is looking at the jeep
Sidney Richards:
i got the same year truck but its a cabedin
i love this song reminds me about my girlfriend
Tammy Sprinkle:
love this song cole your so handsome
Georgia Southern Boy!!!! GATA!!!!!
hello random pearson scrooling throw the comment section
jon moore:
how did I go from real country to this pop country shit

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