Alabama player questions officiating in aftermath of title game loss to Clemson

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on>>Alabama player questions officiating in aftermath of title game loss to Clemson
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Al Jones:
Funny i'm hearing same thing about iron bowl loss to Auburn. Stop blaming and admit you got beat by a good team.
Braxton Matthews:
You can argue that maybe the last play was "illegal" but it's hard for me to have any sort of sympathy for Alabama due to the fact that all their db's specifically their corners get away with alot of grabbing and holding damn near every game especially against Clemson
Cry Cry Cry you baby back bitch place the blame somewhere else normal bama!!!!
Ervin Washington:
Lmao when all else fails blame the refs 😂 roll tide into a ditch
Frank Champion:
Lol Alabama complaining about officiating. I've seen it all now
Hogman Go:
ya got ya ass whipped by a better team. don't blame the officials for your bad play
Ian Rowland:
damn this guy calls himself a grown man , crying about da refs agains us? hold it, bro. hold this one close.
James Tyler:
you ass should have not left Louisiana. shit tide shit.
Scarlett O'hara:
I am glad that this player was open about the officiating. he was also right when h said that Bama needed to "finish." Bo's being sidelines though ws a major factor in Bama's not winning, and I am not a Bama fan though I really admire Jalen Harris, Tim Williams, and incoming RB Najee Harris.
Seth Wright:
I didn't know Lil Uzi Vert played football for Alabama
Urban Decay:
"We lucked up on the last second of the game guys.  You saw the game. Count your blessings and
let it go".

- Dabo
The "greatest defense in the history of college football" got took out by a walk on receiver and the best quarterback in college football. Alabama is great, but Clemson was better!
Bama complaining about officiating? Are these guys fucking serious? lol
I think Amabala should just be thankful they got back to National Championship. Had Washington had their shit together on offense and were able to execute Amabala would have never seen the NC this year.
one deep:
Yea we always there right? we never needed the official's to help us win we get it out tha Mud bubby every year that's why we stay in the equation so always remember for the rest of your life look at the last two touchdowns an know that the officials let y'all get away with two illegal picks to help y'all win the game an like always we gone continue to Get our Roll on like we have for quite sometime ha ha where not mad at Clemson were mad at the officials because we know yall needed all the help y'all could get to beat us dont forget to thank the officials for the win because we never needed them for help but y'all did

    Alabama defensive back Hootie Jones said after Monday's title game loss to Clemson that officiating may have played a role.