Alabama player questions officiating in aftermath of title game loss to Clemson

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on>>Alabama player questions officiating in aftermath of title game loss to Clemson
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B Chappy:
The two ILLEGAL PICK plays won the game for Clemson. We all know that.
Setting basketball picks on the 20yd line will ALWAYS result in a TD! Roll
Frank Champion:
Lol Alabama complaining about officiating. I've seen it all now
Ian Rowland:
damn this guy calls himself a grown man , crying about da refs agains us?
hold it, bro. hold this one close.
Joe Mama:
He better hope he makes it in the NFL because nobody is giving him a job
with that hair.
Kris Hardwick:
Hunter Renfrow is a freaking legend against Bama, and OJ Howard is a legend
against Clemson. Great game!
Lara Martin:
What about the 3 non calls on Alabama Players for Personal fowls? Really?
YOU feel you were not treated fairly? Those calls had they happened would
have gotten your players thrown out of the game! SO who is the ones that
are not being treated fairly? CLEMSON was! So God handled it and made the
outcome what it should have been since you had help from the refs ignoring
Raymond Thompson:
the first Clemson touchdown when they said it was a pic that Alabama
Defender was holding the Clemson wide receiver
Sanford Dennis:
Hey Alabama, don't complain about the officiating. They could have easily
ejected reuben foster for targeting and the other player who hit Mike
Williams. Im acutally glad they didn't eject them. That would have given
Alabama fans something to really complain about. Read the NCAA rule book,
it's not limited to just helmet to helmet. You lost the game because
Clemson has superior players in the key positions of Quarterback and
Shiro Campos:
As a Bama fan, this is what I expected and hoped for in a National
Championship. Or else it would be labeled as one of the most boring games
if Clemson didn't respond. Bama's defense got all conservative in the 4th
quarter, instead of staying aggressive. Clemson took full advantage of it.
Congrats to Clemson for making the comeback win. Let's leave the excuses
aside, everyone was hitting hard, it's a championship! These two teams had
an outstanding season that led to a historic moment. Bama will be back,
just as they did with Ohio State. Roll Tide!
Steve Rabon:
Cry on. When Ohio beat that ass two years ago the refs was trying to give
bama the game and Ohio still spanked that ass. Personally I thought Clemson
had more calls against them then what Bama had against them. Cry on MF
Storm1 Sandy:
Nice PINK tarantula leg on your head. You look really tough. Makes me want
to put on pads at 47 and fuck U up on the field.
Viktor Vasilev:
Why can't people be respectful? All these Clemson fans coming out of
nowhere, being mad disrespectful to Alabama, especially the defense
lil cigga:
It's funny how Alabama only questions officiating when they lose. I guess
that goes for any team but Alabama is usually in their favor.
I think Amabala should just be thankful they got back to National
Championship. Had Washington had their shit together on offense and were
able to execute Amabala would have never seen the NC this year.
one deep:
Yea that's true but the points were put up on the board by the offense if
you really know how the game is supposed to be played you would see that
the last two touchdowns Clemson scored were off illegal pick's that Clemson
receivers did against the tides DBs if those penalties were called Clemson
don't get the two touchdowns Tides win the game those big 12 officials did
there best to throw the game watch the film its clear as day even Clemson
offense of line were holding Bama the whole game I don't believe the
official's through one flag against Clemson for holding the entire game

    Alabama defensive back Hootie Jones said after Monday's title game loss to Clemson that officiating may have played a role.