Alabama player questions officiating in aftermath of title game loss to Clemson

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on>>Alabama player questions officiating in aftermath of title game loss to Clemson
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B Chappy:
The two ILLEGAL PICK plays won the game for Clemson. We all know that. Setting basketball picks on the 20yd line will ALWAYS result in a TD! Roll Tide
Cry Cry Cry you baby back bitch place the blame somewhere else normal bama!!!!
Frank Champion:
Lol Alabama complaining about officiating. I've seen it all now
Hogman Go:
ya got ya ass whipped by a better team. don't blame the officials for your bad play
Ian Rowland:
damn this guy calls himself a grown man , crying about da refs agains us? hold it, bro. hold this one close.
James Tyler:
you ass should have not left Louisiana. shit tide shit.
Ozy Mandis:
you  lost cause your a team of white men house niggers that went to bama for a car............fuck these bama back door hoes.
Raymond Thompson:
the first Clemson touchdown when they said it was a pic that Alabama Defender was holding the Clemson wide receiver
Scarlett O'hara:
I am glad that this player was open about the officiating. he was also right when h said that Bama needed to "finish." Bo's being sidelines though ws a major factor in Bama's not winning, and I am not a Bama fan though I really admire Jalen Harris, Tim Williams, and incoming RB Najee Harris.
Storm1 Sandy:
Nice PINK tarantula leg on your head. You look really tough. Makes me want to put on pads at 47 and fuck U up on the field.
Urban 'Heart Attack' Meyer:
"We lucked up on the last second of the game guys.  You saw the game. Count your blessings and
let it go".

- Dabo
Viktor Vasilev:
Why can't people be respectful? All these Clemson fans coming out of nowhere, being mad disrespectful to Alabama, especially the defense
lil cigga:
It's funny how Alabama only questions officiating when they lose. I guess that goes for any team but Alabama is usually in their favor.
I think Amabala should just be thankful they got back to National Championship. Had Washington had their shit together on offense and were able to execute Amabala would have never seen the NC this year.
one deep:
Yea that's true but the points were put up on the board by the offense if you really know how the game is supposed to be played you would see that the last two touchdowns Clemson scored were off illegal pick's that Clemson receivers did against the tides DBs if those penalties were called Clemson don't get the two touchdowns Tides win the game those big 12 officials did there best to throw the game watch the film its clear as day even Clemson offense of line were holding Bama the whole game I don't believe the official's through one flag against Clemson for holding the entire game

    Alabama defensive back Hootie Jones said after Monday's title game loss to Clemson that officiating may have played a role.