How the Ball Brothers Are Changing the Game of Basketball [HD]

>>TH13beast>>How the Ball Brothers Are Changing the Game of Basketball [HD]
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Blake Johnson:
Is Liangelo the better shooter or is it that his form is more traditional??? LONZO WILL BE BETTER IN THE NBA! Killed it a UCLA though! Made people want to tune in and watch!
Dennis Justice:
Would be great if New Orleans won this lottery. Imagine Ball passing off to Davis and Boogie. In case anyone forgot, right now the Nets have the biggest chance of winning the lottery not the Lakers.
Galaxy Andy:
Finally first youtuber to be a true fan
J Gamble:
This coming year, we will see them shine on their own level on their own stage. I believe that LaMelo will become more of a passer and share the ball more than he has.

LiAngelo is not only going to pickup where Lonzo left off, but he's going to dominate in his own way.

Lonzo is not going to disappoint either. 2017-2018 is going to be 1 hell of a year for the ball brothers. I wish them nothing short of success!!!
They definitely play fast... very fast. That type of fast play is only gonna work on the high school level. There's no way in hell this style would ever work in the pros... and it definitely doesn't work AS well in college.
John Hardesty:
Kenneth Murray:
I have a buddy that i played ball with that had the same shot form as Lonzo, but he didnt score like Lonzo, fair shot.
OnceYouPop YouCantStop:
+TH13beast This is where Chino Hills gets their offense from :) Coach McLendon!!!
Best sports documentary ever!!!
Padraig Lang:
The ball bros are ballers but I think the rest of their team deserves a little more credit
Phillip Cullinan:
Lamelo needs to pack on a few pounds like Liangelo...Lonzo will only get better and better.  He could challenge MJ for the crown.
ok let me get this straight. Lonzo is the best great pointguard. Lemelo wont make the NBA the way he plays defense is trash and will not make nba if he does this. He doesn't even hustle. Liangelo is solid but i think he should have considered football hes strong and phsyical he would be a good tightend
Van Iyke:
Right now Lonzo is a potential Steph Curry to the 10th power because he mixes his game with a mirthless German efficiency and consistent execution with zero fluff or glitz.
William Fong:
Basketball is still a team sport, one player can't win a championship. There are stars and there are role players.. High level basketball takes dedication, maybe these brothers are blessed to be able to make a fortune playing a game. A lot of credit to the parents for involvement to their upbringing.
I'm curiously eager to see what will happen to em in the NBA. Lonzo could be touted as the next such and such, but he could very well end up just like say, Jimmer Fredette. He was all that in college, but was a nobody in the NBA. He'll have to face up with elite players who can contain him like LeBron, Kawhi, and who can ball with him(pun intended) like Harden, Steph and Kyrie. He also has to match up with the mad skillz of young guns like Giannis, Wiggins, Zach Lavine, Emmanuel Mudiay, Jordan Clarkson. Men like Whiteside, Drummond and Davis will always be glad to meet him at the rim everytime he finishes. Plus guys like Russell will just bully him into submission every chance he gets. This guy will have a tough time transitioning. Unless of course that legendary work ethic's still there and won't be shattered when they get initially intimidated once Lonzo and his bros set foot in the league. His father should've kept his mouth shut because everyone will now have a go at em to prove him wrong. The upside of that is these guys will have the best goin' at 'em on a nightly basis, and this is only gonna make em stronger and better players.
william mize:
I like em specially Melo wow being so young he's already pretty good not that lon and gel are great in their own ways they have changed it 92 points hi school or not wow

    Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo are taking the basketball world (and your timeline) over.

From Chino Hills to UCLA, this is a closer look at the Ball brothers, what they are doing to be so dominant, and how it can eventually change the way the game is played forever!

Music by the one and only DKST beats. I've been a fan of theirs for years and they continue to put out the smoothest, soul filled beats.

Special thanks to BallerVisions for some of the clips. Highly recommend you check out their channel for highlights of the nations top prospects!

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