How the Ball Brothers Are Changing The Game of Basketball [HD]

>>TH13beast>>How the Ball Brothers Are Changing The Game of Basketball [HD]
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Abdul Amra:
At the end of the day, everyone said Lonzo wouldn't do shit in college and
now he's killing it. Because of his supreme confidence, they all have that what makes you think The other TWO won't be able to adjust
to the style of game in college basketball. They are getting better each
day, you people think they reached their maximum potential LOL? It's called
improvement. They have all the right potential in the world
Alexey the Boss:
Lonzo actually shoots the nest he had the most 3$
All I'm saying is stop hating for real cause Lonzo is playing at the
college level and doing the same think he is dominating look at UCLA's
record and his contribution to that record so stop saying it can't be done
at the next level "anything is possible"
Chris Tesch:
Those parents need to keep having kids, winning that genetic lottery!
haha...Ducks BB fan but really like the Ball brothers even though my team
will need to eventually face all 3😑
Jake C:
Lamelo Ball vs Zion Williamson 2024 NBA Finals
Jesse Nimmo:
All these liars saying they go to UCLA and Chino Hills in the comments
Lamar Huggins:
this is what the game needs. basketball needs more dinamic players like the
zion williamson the ball brothers of the world. these are 2 way players
what i mean by 2 way is they system ball and they also can play iso ball.
once a play break who you gonna go 2 ughhhh the star player. the basketball
world need more of these players
Matthew King:
Shit isn't gonna fly anywhere but high school. No defense that's BS
P Campbell:
Not really changing basketball. Loyola Marymount did it first
RIP Maqui Jacob:
Bro Nice explanation and details I only had 1 problem LaMelo is a special
guy like his bros but with all due respect what he did by pointing at the
half court then shooting it that far it was disrespectful :/
I love the guys but that's my only prob with it :/
Sure the coach had trust but seriously bruh why he do them like that ?
Rain Nguyen:
If anything Lonzo has the best chance oout of the 3 to become a great
player in the NBA. One of those point guard that does it all.
Sumarion Hanson:
yes they are going to change the game
Remember this comment. These guys will be bust if they go to the nba or
wont meet expectations. Remember this.
TheOriginalChe Boi:
I just feel like it's way too much attention all too soon. What if it all
doesn't go to plan and it doesn't work out. They will grow up and feel like
failures and get bad press when they are actually a huge success. Attention
this early doesn't end well, ever
marcus holtzheimer:
People always hate greatness in the moment

    Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo are taking the basketball world (and your timeline) over.

From Chino Hills to UCLA, this is a closer look at the Ball brothers, what they are doing to be so dominant, and how it can eventually change the way the game is played forever!

Music by the one and only DKST beats. I've been a fan of theirs for years and they continue to put out the smoothest, soul filled beats.

Special thanks to BallerVisions for some of the clips. Highly recommend you check out their channel for highlights of the nations top prospects!

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