How the Ball Brothers Are Changing The Game of Basketball [HD]

>>TH13beast>>How the Ball Brothers Are Changing The Game of Basketball [HD]
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I like these cats. Someone commented earlier about turnovers and that's the style they play. It's Hugh risk, high reward...Its not a revolutionary system. it is obviously that Loyola Marymount from the Hank Gathers era system. It's a fun system if you're in shape enough to execute in it. Either way, when Melo gets to college he'll adjust but push it up with speed and be very successful. I'm looking forward to him in Westwood
lamelo is the only one I think won't succeed because he needs a really good team to make him good. point are good but he needs bords assisists steals to be a great player.he can shoot but can't to the position to shoot on his own
I love the way they play and I think they really could change the game of basketball, and nice vid man
Cory Dexter:
love to watch them. all say they will be 1 and done. they will b fun to watch play 4 the next 15 yrs knock it u want but u cant stop it. ## futureoftheNBA
Danny1 pa:
Their not changing it at all, but when they go to nba will be fun. You stretching
David Lemmon:
The person actually changing the game of basketball is the Ball brothers' dad, LaVar. He is the one whose mind envisioned all of this, and implemented it in his coaching of his boys, especially in their AAU team play. But you don't even mention him, nor do any of the comments below. Just as the mind of Press Maravich resulted in the play of his son, Pete Maravich, creating the original ShowTime basketball, so the mind of LaVar Ball and his actions in training his sons and coaching their team play, has created the Ball brothers style of play. It is amazing how LaVar's insights do not even receive a mention in your video comments. Without LaVar Ball, the Ball brothers would not even be unusual.
Devaen Boykin:
When Lamelo in the NBA I'm coppin his jumper is 2k
Evan Gaming nasab:
TH1beast u are right who cares about how much hate they have they can make it in the NBA
Hi IsaacIsHere:
The Ball Brothers should 3v3 against stephen curry, lebron james, and kawaii lenerd.
Joey Gzemski:
lamelo is so ugly I can't take it
Noah sharp:
look at all these hotheads hating them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they're just kids and they make it work, oh well if they cherry pick, oh well they don't defend, they win and are good at what they do.
Renato Lopez:
why they all got unorthodox jump shots?
word for word, everything you said is exactly how I feel! I really hope that the ball brothers's influence will change the game on a college and professional level in that it will encourage others to build a great chemistry without fear of playing at full intensity.
Yusuf Sanad:
well i never been a basketball fan and i have one question in my head since a long time

i know how far the basket from the center and i always wondered why there's no good enough player to master that shot i mean come on that's not an far distance to score from.

i know somebody will say they play under pressure and stuff like that.

and still my question is why no one good enough to begin that good?
even your legend mj and all that NBA players.
if you can't do that under pressure then What the difference between you and the amateur players?

I still believe that basketball can be very easy to that man who can always score from the center line.
aisea santos:
these guys r playing like they playing rookie on NBA 2k lol

    Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo are taking the basketball world (and your timeline) over.

From Chino Hills to UCLA, this is a closer look at the Ball brothers, what they are doing to be so dominant, and how it can eventually change the way the game is played forever!

Music by the one and only DKST beats. I've been a fan of theirs for years and they continue to put out the smoothest, soul filled beats.

Special thanks to BallerVisions for some of the clips. Highly recommend you check out their channel for highlights of the nations top prospects!

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