Here's the view of Clemson's sideline as winning touchdown was scored

>>Phil Kornblut>>Here's the view of Clemson's sideline as winning touchdown was scored
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This is so special. Deshaun Watson is now a Clemson legend. He and the rest of these Tigers are all champions!
Let's see a video of this under Bama's sideline!
Breezy Slim:
I still get chills watching this like it was yesterday
Jaleigh Frazier:
Alabama woulda won that game I'm telling you deshun waston not y'all quarterback this year Jalen hurts better than ever Alabama if we get a chance this year we gone beat y'all
Nicky 'i sucked Urban's cock and swallowed' Saban:
'''we knew dem Bammie chumps would choke with 1 second left in the season'''

....-Clemson's sideline as the winning touchdown was scored
Listen to the Alabama guy on the sidelines. "What's the point, he f'ing blocked him." Lol. Sore loser. Get used to it. Clemson and the ACC ain't scared of you. Better team, better league.
Paula Marshall:
Thank you 2016 players. You are amazing! Thank you Deshawn! God bless Renfrow!!!