Final Seconds of last 25 College Football National Championships

>>Harris Highlights>>Final Seconds of last 25 College Football National Championships
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Adam Wagner:
Auburn got robbed in 2004. Go Gators.
Alex Miller:
In the first clip, the clock operator was obviously like "fuck it" and finished off that final second.
Anthony Broaddus:
Peyton Manning. What ever happened to THAT guy after college? The 🐐👍🏼
Bennett Ruck:
Last year Clemson vs Alabama, major come back on Clemson
Winston to Benjamin for the game winner I was expecting yelling from the commentator
Harris Highlights:
Which national championship is your favorite/most memorable from the last 25 seasons?
Hunter Dvorak:
Looking at Nebraska now their legacy is gonna get turned to shit. And being a long-living Husker fan of 19 years who never witnessed the glory days is pretty depressing especially as of now when Nebraska gets beat by jobber teams. I want to completely forget Nebraska being that good back in the day when it get's brought up to today. Nebraska will never be the same. Their gonna be like the college answer to the Dallas Cowboys of today. You college football fans also won't see Nebraska the same way through these hard times. Nebraska has literally turned into the Cleveland Browns.
Javy Camacho:
Florida as a whole lowkey took over the 90s
John Carl:
My god guys those 90s Huskers am I right wow
Jose Duran:
I'm a huge Cane Fan and there is no 2nd best. For Florida teams is all about being National Champs. Respect to Gators and Noles as well. Florida teams dominance all the way!!
Larry Harvilla:
Clickbait. Here's a corrected title: "Final seconds of the last 25 college football national championships, except 1997."
Matthew Hackett:
Where was the 1997 rose bowl Michigan WON? Nebraska are bitches Michigan was the real national champion then because we had the Heisman winner and we were undefeated bullshit at least show both of the games endings
Matthew Stewart:
Nebraska is the only place you will go where people will say Nebraska is the 1997 champion. Everybody knows that Michigan was really the champs that year, espn even made a documentary on it. Im an Ohio State fan and even I recognize the embarrassment of not including 1997 Michigan.
Michigan won 1997. Itll be the biggest debate. But...good job putting it up there dumbass.
Hahaha with all these great games it's hard to pick a favorite moment, but if I had to then it's @28:12 when that nigga in the green scares the shit outta Saban LMAO!

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