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Bruno Martinez:
Please do shooting secrets on westbrook please.
Corey Carter:
Great Drill. I'm definitely do these
Dage Rivergo:
like if you want Shooting Secrets Coach Castellaw Edition?
This isn't Kyle Korver drills. It looks a lot like Jeremy Lin style...
Harry Carter:
These videos are just soooo helpful!!
Jason Damon:
why do you act like you never miss a shot in your videos
Joel Chavez:
Please do a rajon rondo free throw analysis please
Keisner Red:
Can you make a video on how to shoot like Kyle Korver please.
Kengwan Lou:
do a shooting secrets Dwyane Wade/Blake Griffin/LaMarcus Aldridge please they all have interesting forms yet are decent shooters
Manny Smith:
what about the step and rock..instead of just going straight into the shot?
Nathan Carter:
What are the keys to developing a quick jump shot and also a quick release on my jump shot #AskCoachC
Roger Cobbs:
any one else out there when I played my tips of finger would slice open I shot hours n hours
Shawn Chong:
Oh his first shot is an air ball
Ik how you like triple 90 but I notice more of a V elbow like chris paul on your shot. Idk if its just me
Post some Dirk nowitzki shooting drills.
Description: (SECRETS)

The Kyle Korver Baseline Shooting Drills series.l It's a staple for any elite shooter looking to improve their accuracy and shot quickness from the baseline. From preps to pros everyone should get their reps in on this! Use these drills to develop the lightning quick target location just like Kyle Korver uses off the catch! This drill is a must for anyone looking to improve.

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