Highway Don't Care

>>TimMcGrawVEVO>>Highway Don't Care
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A. L. Y.:
DAMN. Tim McGraw hit me then Taylor and then Keith urban I was like WTF is happening
Aditi Maheshwari:
Is there anything I can do to bring this old Taylor back to life ? :') I really miss such songs ..
Alejandra Coyoy:
Taylor looks so good in here! i love her!!!
Brian Messer:
I have been looking for this song so long
Cypress Medina:
I love this song sooo much😍👍❤
Dann Broom Broom Musico:
Taylor swift is so amazing and talented
Hey there, I'm Merie I think you are beautiful:
Sweet child, you are beautiful, talented, amazing, wanted, wonderful, great, phenomenal, blessed, grateful, funny in a non-mean way, a gift, specialhappy, spectacular, unique, cool, smart, pretty, handsome, worthy, fun, fun-loving, kind, awesome, brave, strong, thoughtful, a warrior, a fighter, a survivor, unstoppable, Invincible, the best, fantastic, good, tremendous, reliable, loyal, responsible, respectful, gorgeous, hunky, cute, adorable, nice, super, a star, loved, liked, admired, and adored. Why would you want to end something so loved by me and the right people? Be happy, I know it’s hard, but just be happy,you deserve happiness and the best life ever. You can’t do that once you’re gone, but you can right now. And harming yourself is just going to leave a beautiful child so torn and abused forever, being devoid of happiness. You won’t want your scars you will create on yourself. And the pain addictions and eating disorders cause, even obsessions or infatuations can cause, trust me. I have scars, especially below my right wrist I try to cover up. Because it reminds me of the pain and leaves me feeling trapped in my past. Please for the one person who cares about you or one of the special, intelligent people who DO care don’t do this to yourself. There is hope, amazing one because you amaze me. Find the courage, bravery, and strength I see in you. Giving up is NOT an option. 💔▶️❤️😥▶️😀
Joseph Jones:
I was driving my sister to Wal-Mart after my niece was born. She went inside and my niece started crying. I crawled in the backseat to get her and couldn't get her to stop. This and whisky lullaby came on so i started singing. She just watched me with a smile on her face. Still likes me to sing them and now tries to sing along.
Lynne Gilmour:
sad. true this happens every single day xx
Ron Parker:
Forest Environment Reminded me of Resident Evil 7. Oh, and Love this Song, gets me into my Feels.
Steve T:
Wow, what a POWERFUL video! The song is amazing too. 🤘🏽
Swifties forever:
Taylor I love you ♡♡♡♡♡
Taylor Quinn:
This song shows us the dangers of being distracted while driving
Why are Taylor Swift's and Keith Urban's names not in the title?!
a dying man trying to get a ride down the highway and nobody cares as he contemplates giving up but wants everyone to know that even tho they don't, he does care if it were you. So he sings this song. Think about it :D

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