Highway Don't Care

>>TimMcGrawVEVO>>Highway Don't Care
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Alexis Williams:
I love this song it's πŸ˜‰ amazing
Arshad Qureshi:
Very impressive song, one hell of a song, all three have done amazing part.
Boss Some:
I wish they would get back together they made such good songs
David Davila:
this reminds me of losing my girlfriend
Ghazi Fuad:
i love you taylor swift😘😘😘😍
Jolt KaRma:
Is that ya boi Keith Urban on guitar
Kat TheFanEnthusiast:
By the way, did anyone else notice that this song has the same chord progression as the song "Tim McGraw"? Coincidence? I think not! Nice reference, Tim!
Liz Olney:
I forgot just how much I needed this song
Master Wrong:
for some reason I like the live performance better than this one, I guess because they sound like if they are just talking instead of trying to sing....? it doesn't make sense but that's how I see it.
Missy Sunshine:
Stay safe my love, miss you even though you do not know that I do.
her: "I can't live without you, i can't live without you baby"

him: "But I do I do"

Awesome... Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw and a little Keith Urban in there, triple bonus. Good job, great song!
Never leave mad people. Men, swallow your pride and women just relax, it's just life. Enjoy!
jennifer kays:
this video gives me chills eveytime .... i see wrecks all the time and lost some students this way * i work at a college* it just gets to me and i wish people would learn
good song
travis Burbage:
i think that the sing " n'in

my best friend song is kinda growWWA grr TrrRIg ully garrgeled by instruments dont you SAY....

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