Michael Porter Jr. Early Season Highlights! | DESTROYING The Competition

>>BallerVisions>>Michael Porter Jr. Early Season Highlights! | DESTROYING The Competition
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Ariel Mathiowitz:
What’s the big deal? I could do the same thing against these 5 year-olds.
Footage suspect but in the future will be better! Michael Porter Jr. Coverage all season! Stay tuned for more...
CJ Jameson:
That is a man playing with and against children
Carter Machetta:
The man just looks bored as hell out there!
Doncic is too much better tan this guy, we need to see him at the NCAA but i don't think he'll be the 2018 #1
Christian Roy Lammawin:
This should be the cavs will draft if they will not trade the Nets's 2018 fist round pick
Dan Oliver Ng:
Damn... Upgraded verson of shane battier
Jim Brown:
A man playing against little boys. That's all I see. Very risky NBA pick. You are drafting him based on his high school footage basically since he didn't play a full college season.
Juiz Dime:
That's what everyone trying to create in 2k
athletic bigman that can really shoot
Luke Keefer:
please come to mizzou. we needja
He's like lonzo ball playing at 3 lmao
Sweaty John Wick:
Welcome to the Cavaliers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the Atlanta Hawks lil brah
monta ellis:
What the hell did i just watch ? This guy is better than Lonzo
ubay morin:
This men plays against kids, Luka Doncic plays against the best players in Europe.

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