Michael Porter Jr. Early Season Highlights! | DESTROYING The Competition

>>BallerVisions>>Michael Porter Jr. Early Season Highlights! | DESTROYING The Competition
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Andrew B:
Amazing player, but so unfair to everyone on the court because they're all half his size.
Aqua Nigga:
Okay I'm gonna ask what everyone is thinking.........where the fuck do these over powered ass lightskin coming from. This what happens when you mixing black athleticism with white people food
Footage suspect but in the future will be better! Michael Porter Jr. Coverage all season! Stay tuned for more...
Bryan S:
Young fella destroyed my nephew's team for 52.
Glotaku !:
best player since anthony davis
JaySoLate entertainer:
He looks like The Secret Ball Brother
Kevin Watson:
Why does everyone want to complain about the other players sizes? You can only play against who's put in front of you? It's not his fault that he's bigger than everyone else. But he's also more skilled than everyone else. They use him to break the press and to shoot spot up and pull up 3's.

And they've beaten the #1 team in the nation which has the #1 junior in the nation Marvin Bagley who happens to be 6'10 and MPJ had 27 and 15 that game. So obviously his size isn't the only reason he's good. He's averaged over 26 a game since he was a freshman when he was only 6'6 so can we come up with a new argument?
Learning Russian and Spanish - Mike:
His game did not look good or match his national ranking when he played Sierra Canyon (Marvin Bagley) ----- In this highlight he is playing against scrubs
Lleyton Howard:
He reminds me of when you start your 2k career in HS
Madden Mobile Clutch:
Bad sportsmanship from MPJ come on bro bumping into the guy makes you look bad / cocky my dude
Lmao 3:29 that guy wearing the grey hoodie is nae naeing so hard
Who else felt bad for #15 @1:38
cash carti:
I played I thought he was mixed but this man white idk I could be wrong
dyshawn washington:
Rather you shoot and 30 ft three pointer then dump it down... let them work for rebounds...
zee bee:
we need him vs Zion asap.... I think mpj better but would still be fun

    Highlights from Michael Porter Jr.'s first four games of the season! We got a new videographer in Seattle who is going to cover every game forward of Nathan Hale this season! Stay tuned for more (and better filmed) highlights all season!



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