Golden Globes 2017 Jimmy Fallon Opening Monologue HD

>>Fire Fox>>Golden Globes 2017 Jimmy Fallon Opening Monologue HD
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Athee Sukumar:
Boring and pg 13, textbook Fallon.
Ryans Goslings like "Dont bring me into this you unfunny turd"
Didn’t make me laugh once. Albeit smile... Ricky has me creasing
Donovan Balderama:
He is extremely dull and uncharismatic... He does not deserve his show. Conan should usurp his unfunny ass.
Iarisa Sosing:
The camera focused only on the people who were laughing at his jokes. They showed the same people repeatedly. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler every year please.
Liberal SJW’s..Fallon is a liberal schill now
Miko Philo:
Ricky Gervase was not even funny.

he's got nothing on ricky gervais but the Chris rock impression was on point.
Nathaniel Kang:
Fam really did the show without the teleprompter
Tamás DM:
I only watched this shit before because of Ricky.
Wayne Barker:
Ouch! Fallon literally had nothing to say when the teleprompter went down. Bring back Ricky Gervais please
Did Travolta go vegan or something? What is going on, he looks slick...
So, if you take away the first minute, where he's waiting for the teleprompter to work, and the last twenty seconds, where he's introducing the first guests, the monologue is three-and-a-half minutes long. In those three-and-half-minutes he makes FIVE jokes about Donald Trump. That's an average of one Trump joke every 42 seconds. He even did two jokes in a row where the punchline was Trump-related with the Game of Thrones and Manchester by the Sea bits.
What an awful host.
Wow. Jimmy was lost without his script. What a shame.
Jimmy fallon is not really a comedian hes more of a good entertainer good host but i dont think hes a good comedian

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