Golden Globes 2017 Jimmy Fallon Opening Monologue HD

>>Fire Fox>>Golden Globes 2017 Jimmy Fallon Opening Monologue HD
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Jack Blades:
I'll bet Ricky Gervais was channel surfing, stopped at this for a second, did a Gervais smirk and a Gervais giggle, and then kept changing channels.
Jag Singh:
If it was Gervais there wouldn't even be a prompter there
Jesus Christ:
Horrible. The subtle shots at trump were incredibly forced.
John Egan:
That rock impression was fucking horrible
You'd have thought he wouldn't have to totally rely 100% on the teleprompter, given he prepared for the monologue for months before hand. There's really no excuse.
Li N:
I mean... just let Tina and Amy do your monologue
Loui Steven:
no..Ricky needs to be here...not this twit.
The cringe is real with this one
Pretty Ugly:
Guess the filthy rich famous cry babies of Hollywood couldn't handle Ricky Gervais being so mean, bu hu!

But did they have to hire the fakest person alive instead?!
Ryan Marchant:
Just a hollyweird liberal circle jerk.
How pathetic.
So...basically we have a Bunch of rich anti Trump people excepting awards and millions of dollars from movies, going home to their mansions after the big party.... complaining about how hard illegal immigrants have it....because their forced to come here legally...hmmmmm
Vripiat Buzoi:
After Ricky Gervais any replacement pales in comparison. Big mistake not having him host again.
cj graber:
4:34 - Literally death in a tuxedo
cool springval:
bring back ricky.jimmy is just kissing big stars asses
Jimmy Fallon equals Teleprompter Comedian

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