Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)
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Cole Swindell,You Should Be Here,Official Music Video,Country (Musical Genre),break up in the end,down home

Charles Kelley:
My great great great grandmother is gone because she smoked sicergets
Dominique Senn:
This song reminds me of my grandpa who just recently passed away. I was close with him #RipGrandpaDean #20180330
Erika Ford:
This song brings me closer to my beautiful Son that is currently serving our country in the Marines. I miss you Joshua Michael Layton.
Greg Russell:
I lost my uncle 6 years ago he was my only dad. I would give anything for him to be here. Cancer sucks
Hibo M:
When he said "They said you're in a better place and I would be too if I could see you your face" I really felt that, dear dad I am achieving all the success you told me I will achieve but it breaks my heart that I am taking my masters and you won't be here to see me. I love you with every ounce of my being. Rip 😭♥️
Janice Haisman:
This song makes me cry every time I lesen to it 😥😭
Kyle Young:
3 years ago today I lost my dad. He was also my best friend. This song hits home.
Lawrence Poch:
This song goes out to my dad 😓
Lei Billing:
This song was my sister's song. I lost her a year ago in June. it reminds me of her so much.
Miranda Anderson:
Love this song, reminds me of my dad...Dr. Mitchell S. Anderson. Crazy how fast 10 years came and went! 8/9/63 - 9/4/08

Rest in peace, Dad. Miss you...
skip 40 seconds if ur crank'n it, if you were here
ShawN TyleR:
This is the reason why i love country music.
Susanna Rommel:
I lost my husband in December were together for 28 years are daughter is getting married in May he was to give her away m you should be here its were I wish he could be on this day it will be a very tough day for us all when it should have been one of the happiest days of our life's
Vinn Dogg101:
This song is a real tear-jerker. Especially when you wish a loved one could see your success unfold.
I am going to your concert tomarrow

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