Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)
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Cole Swindell,You Should Be Here,Official Music Video,Country (Musical Genre)

Chloe Miller:
thay played this at my uncles funeral
Hunter Keyser:
rest in piece to my sister 😭😭 damn this song gets to me
James Thompson:
I lost my August 311991 to a massive heart attack I miss him everyday
Josh Margrave:
I lost my 7 month old son night if New year's eve last year then in may I lost my grandma
Joshua Badach:
Losing my dad at 16 is so hard. He died 2 days ago. This song makes me think of him. I can't get him off my mind.
Justin Maxham:
favorite from cold hits home hard
Kendra Gladfelter:
R.I.P Cole Swindells Daddy😇😛❤
Luis Barrett Outdoors:
my grandpa died when I was 8 I still remember giving him a hug right after he passed. I didn't understand what was happening at the time. my grandma gave me his fishing stuff, I still love to use it because I know he would be proud of all I do with it. this song hits me hard because I wish he was here to still take me fishing.😭😭🎣
Madisen Petree:
RIP to my grandpa that just passed. He should be here:(
Nova Michael:
it's been a hard year March 19 was, a, year I lost my dad still feels like yesterday. ..
Squidward Tenticals:
My dad died when I was in sixth grade this is a good song
The RedStone Freak:
My grandmother and grandpa side and every time I listen to this song I cry
Zac Williams:
I wish my dad could watch me play football I wish he could watch me graduate he would be enjoying every minute of it
sillyswirl 456:
I was at ur concert on ur b day at on base! I know how u feel my papaw passed  days before his b day and we played this song
spiritual solider:
This song is beautiful, god bless.

    Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Video)

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Directed By: Michael Monaco