Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)
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Cole Swindell,You Should Be Here,Official Music Video,Country (Musical Genre)

Ali Gottman:
My brother Hayden gottman died July 9th 2017 he was 20 in a car crash and he didn't get to see me grow I'm 13 and he was my bestfriend hoe many likes can I get and if you don't believe look up Hayden gottman one of the articles will tell you
Allwyn Lobo:
It reminds me of my grandma who's not with us anymore
Cirstin Allen:
my dad passed away in January 2017 and every time I here this song makes me cry
Debbie Kneeland:
i lost my mom last year and this was a funril song
I know this so g is about his dad but my sister passed last year, and this is how I feel when I think of her, that she should be hearSorry everybody for your loses.
Kayla Gramling:
This song is defently reminds me of u Josh ik you are looking down on me right now I don't know how I'm gonna take it very hard at the funeral Friday I love u
Kurt Kistenmacher:
I had a really good friend die last year a week before my 23rd birthday and this song gets me every time I listen to it. no one deserves to die so young. RIP Hunter.
Mike Beard:
mom i.kmow you in heaven but i sure miss you n wish you could be here with me
The woman you was no doubt you rejoicing in The Lord but my heart hurts missing you
Love your pretty blue eyed baby boy
Rebecca Arnold:
My aunt just passed we played this at the funeral rip aunt Paige..
Robert Richards:
I miss my friend that died in this war that seem to never seems to end if they spot handcuffing our soldier and unleash the full power of the USA military this would be over. I hear this song I think of him
Savage Panda:
This is a song for my grandpa 😔 He died of cancer and I never got to really see him his like last month or 2 bc he didn't look good that was horrible. r.i.p my strong bucket bowl head(that's a thing me and him use to call each other)
Terri Venoy:
Makes me miss my Mommy. Just beautiful. Tears running down my cheeks.
Tonya Wright:
Every time I hear this I think of my son's dad (John Harris) n the man that was there for my kids as they were small he should still be here every day to see them and all they are accomplishing but most of all my Mother ( Lisa McCord),,,,I miss u
Xhris Denap:
I love this sing so much but its so sad it reminds me of my grandma my little girl
My mom passed away when I was 13 an I'm now 37 love this song. My step dad is with my mom on heaven now to as well as many other loved ones.. wish there was visiting hours in heaven...

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Directed By: Michael Monaco