Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)
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Official Music Video,Country (Musical Genre),Cole Swindell,You Should Be Here

Akam Majid:
RIP dad, you are with me for the rest of my life.... prayers for those who often listen to this touching song when they miss their lost beloved ones. :-(
Bethany Hammell:
I cry everytime i listen to this song. I lost my dad January 21 2012. "They say that you're in a better place and I would be to if I could see your face". I was 25 when my dad passed away. I'm now 31 and still wish he was here.
Daniel Sams:
I’ll pray for him I cry 😢 every day when I listen to this song it really makes me cry 😭 and I would really miss him if it was my dad but I’ll will pray for him every single day 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢💕💕💕
Jim Foy:
lost my uncle Wayne Serviss almost 2 years ago and I heard this song and every hair on my body stood up just after his services and I will never forget that it was him saying jimmie I'm o.k. and will be around watching over u I'm not gone jimmie I'm just in a different place thanks uncle Wayne Serviss love jimmier
Jude Reaux:
a song for my dad who passed away
Lynn Lawson:
My sister and I lost my brother in 2010 at the age of 19 . He was a wonderful young man with a big heart him and her was really close . She got married two years ago and she played this for him and my uncle Randy danced with her in his place . It was a tear jerker for sure but it was wonderful
Michelle Wilson:
RIP Dad. I have never felt so broken in my life.
N and V Productions:
We lost a beautiful woman on 1/6/18 my grandma Delilah R.I.P you were the best I always call your cell just to here your voice
Paige Adams:
In april of 2017 my son lost his best friend/ brother. He was a big part of my family. I grew up with his dad. We all were very close. I watch him grow up and he spent many nights at my house. He passed away 1 week before his 21st. Birthday. The love I have for him is unbelievable. He may not have been my child but I loved him as if he was. I have lost love ones including my mom 17 years ago. I loved her dearly. I feel like I have lost one of my own children. I can't let go and I'm angry as hell. Then in November 2 days after Thanksgiving we all faced with another tragedy. My sons other best friend was in a ATV Accident leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. He is 22. These 3 boys were inseparable. We one was the other 2 was. I know God has a great plan. Just wish he would take the pain we all are facing everyday with out Jason and heal Josh. Those 3 boys are my world. My son struggles with the loss everyday. This song hits me hard. Please pray for both family that they may find peace.
Tammie Lucille:
I love my step dad because he showed me your music but now I don't live with him I'm so sad
Twila Burrows:
Awesume Song. 💘 it. I love country music
Valentino Lopez:
Rip Mr. Swindell this is a really heart touching song thank you for your service sir 💯🇺🇸
courtney harper:
I never got to see my Pepa so I know how it feels
I just found out today my old apprentice passed away in a car wreck. For those that have no idea about powerline work the apprentice is the one that makes the lineman look good he is responsible for getting all the material ready and checking the rubber protectors that we put on the line to protect us. Lolo, you made me look damn good and I know you always had my back the same way I had yours I appreciate all the work you put in for me and all the times you were there for me I miss you brother I will always carry part of you with me
shelley tuckermock:
This song reminds me of my brother tyler😥😭🤧

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Directed By: Michael Monaco