Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Music Video)
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Cole Swindell,You Should Be Here,Official Music Video,Country (Musical Genre)

Angel In Glow:
i havent lost my parents yet and i don't want to. Im afraid ill lose them one day and it'll be too late for me to say goodbye. Seeing Cole at the end crying made me break down. I'm so greatful for my mom and dad. Im so sorry Cole your going through such tough time he was a great man sacrificing his life to protect yours and others.
Bigboy Bassin:
This is one of the only songs I don't get annoyed with or bored of after a while... R.I.P Aunt lorie❤️
Blaze Conquer:
If you are reading this god loves you
ExtreemGamer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
My grandpa died it was so hard on me. Gimme 10 likes for him please.
Gabrielle dunn:
my dad die at the age 54 on January 16 2017he had a lot of health problems and everytime I play this song I feel like he is around me and at his funeral I played the song that is calling hours I played this song everyone cried listening to the song thank you I miss my dad so much he loved being around his granddaughter and I have a baby on the way wish he could be here to meet this baby
Haley Lively:
My mom can't listen to this cause it makes her cry me to
Harold Frantom:
that's very sad that people die
Heather K:
I hate that life ends.. I miss my Dad, my brother, and grandma. My dad died in 2012 and my brother was murdered in 2013. Love this song!
Kevin Welsh:
r.i.p. iam only 9 years old and i have lost my grandfathers when i was a baby it is sad when you lose someone
Michelle Cooper:
r.i.p to my kids daddy's..lost one to cancer the other to a car wreck
Mike Frisinger:
I miss you brother kennerson you should be here
Every time someone mentions this song I begin crying....Honestly heart felt <3
Shannon Tyrell:
I lost my mom 8months ago,I was with her 2 days be4 she passed,I love this song, but it makes me cry every time I hear it
Tatiana Marissa R:
This song was made my cry so badly because when I was 12 years old, I lost my Dad from liver cancer On January 23rd 2005 and his name was Micheal and "He meant the world to me." I was so broken and empty and my heart hurt so bad I felt like the world was over for me at that point and so I understand, your pain and the pain of MANY OTHERS and I'm sending out all my love and support to those that also lost their loved ones. I have lost both parents & the pain is unbearable and I try to go visit the cemetery that both of them are buried in and It hurts and the pain NEVER goes away because I miss my parents so badly & everyday "I wish" that I could still see them and feel e'm but that feeling will be impossible until I cross roads someday with death witch might not happen for a good couple of years or so and so until then we will meet again mom & Dad <3 Elaine Romanowsky April 13th 2016 -- Micheal January 23rd 2005. Heaven certainly did gain two amazing beautiful Angels & I miss you both so much Everyday.
heather edward:
I lost my papa 3 months ago exactly and now every time I miss him I listen to this and I think of him.

    Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here (Official Video)

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Directed By: Michael Monaco