KEANU and KAWIKA AKINA are the BEST Shooting DUO in High School Basketball! OFFICIAL Season Mixtape!

>>Licensed To Shoot Hawaii>>KEANU and KAWIKA AKINA are the BEST Shooting DUO in High School Basketball! OFFICIAL Season Mixtape!
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    The Akina Brothers are the BEST shooting duo in Hawaii high school basketball!

For three years, Keanu Akina developed into the best shooter in high school basketball, leading the Kahuku Red Raiders to two appearances in the state championship semifinals. His brother, Kawika Akina, one of the few freshman on the varsity level, joined him this past season, serving as the backup floor general for the team. Both Keanu and Kawika were praised for their individual ability as basketball players, but received unwanted attention after their father and coach for Kahuku, Alan Akina, left the program in the middle of the season. Despite all the distractions, the Akinas, a longtime basketball family in Hawaii, exhibited a great deal of humility and integrity. The two Akinas did not allow the outside from ruining their season. Under new coach Brandyn Akana, Keanu Akina averaged 12.7 points per game, while knocking down 48 three-pointers, all while dealing with a broken arm he sustained during the middle of the season. Kawika Akina made the most of his minutes, averaging 3.3 points per game and breaking out with 13 points twice against Kalaheo, both during the regular and postseason. The Akinas were easily the best shooting duo in the state who deservingly gained the attention of defenders on the three point line and spread the floor for their teammates. Despite their rocky start to the season, the Kahuku Red Raiders made a strong playoff run, losing to Punahou in a semifinal matchup of the state championships. Since then, the Akinas have moved to Utah, where many family members live. As far as we know, the Akina brothers will continue to pursue their basketball careers. We would like to thank Keanu, Kawika and the Akina family in general for allowing us to document and promote their basketball journey. If it hasn’t been expressed enough, the Akina brothers remain one of the best shooting combinations in the past ten years. The video speaks for itself.

This video is purely for entertainment purposes, and a way to promote Hawaii basketball on both the high school and collegiate levels. Thanks to Coach Alan Akina, Coach Brandyn Akana, Kaisa Tevaga, Kahuku Basketball and the Punahou Invitational for certain footage. Please feel free to like or share this video, and subscribe if you would like to see more videos like this. Mahalo!

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