Barden Bellas Finals (Pitch Perfect)

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Amanda Schott:
every time i see this again i cry because 1, they're all so talented and 2, they're all SO. HOT. and i am GAY
Anjelica Miguel Nicol:
im always watching this movie and this is my favorite part i want too meet them personal
Baby Val:
The person that somebody grabbed is sex
Eli na:
3:22 that was very funny though fat Amy's <3
Fabiola Jasmine:
It feels like I already watch this 100 times, but I just watched this 5 times.
Lauren White:
This is my lady jam.... why is Brit Snow so gorgeous?! Woo
Leroy Smith:
Pitch perfect best move I love it
Maia Weeman:
1:57 Aubrey's hair is in a bun, 2:00 its down and at 2:04 Aubrey's hair is in a bun. Did u notice?
Any one notice that Jessica was not singing much,lol. There was at least one or two times the Camara caught her and she’s just smiling not singing?
Robert Iputau:
Hi my name is
Jazlene and can
I be with yous
Samantha Mejia:
seeing Jesse smile gets me soooo happy 😍😍😍😍😍
Shin_ Rae Kyo:
Beca's body is goals😍😍😍
alia blqss:
i watch this at 2018 i miss pitch perfect! i want pitch perfect 4
benana7 :D:
there’s been two sequels and this is still the best pitch perfect performance
nobody4 ever:
If you put the speed to 0.75 and watch from 3:40 to 3:52 Amy's faces are really funny lol

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