Barden Bellas Finals (Pitch Perfect)

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Anna McCabe:
Yeah the original is always the best
Clarissa Caroline:
The first one its always the best
Connor the Corndog:
Look at Fat Amy at 2:26 it so weird
Daisy Andrews:
Any one notice Aubrey’s hair was out when becca was singing and then she “took it out” again
Emmet Ruth:
Ok so the bitch screaming "fAT AMY!" is a mood
I hope theirs a pitch perfect 4 5 6 7 8 9 10!😍😍
Kamryn Nicole:
Is this green screened ? Lol some parts look super green screened
Laura Schofield:
Pause at 3:42 if you want a laugh!!!
I get goosebumps when Chloe sings low notes
Princess Luna:
At 4:04 did Amy say Fat Patricia 😂😂
Rebel Unicorn:
Um.... Am I the only one who noticed that at 2:00 Aubrey's hair was flowing and then at 2:04 her hair was back into a bun.
Theory: Audrey is insane
Proof: Einsteins definition of insanity
Even though it’s not actually the definition
Did anyone notice whenAnna Kendrick was singing hands up up up up, I put my hand up up up up.... that none of them had their hands up? Lol
rodel briones:
Becca is so so beautiful,and her friends.
•smøl child•:
This movie is the beginning of their success

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