Cop & Donuts (Animated) - Gabriel Iglesias Presents: StandUp Revolution!

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>Cop & Donuts (Animated) - Gabriel Iglesias Presents: StandUp Revolution!
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Alberto Ivan Gallardo Grijalva:
i love the animated i love it it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aris Astruka:
with the cartoons you can actually visualize what he has gone through that day. Plus.... ITS FUNNIER WITH THE CARTOONS
Please do a cartoon with the Splash Mountain joke!
Hayden Ewing The Glove:
I love these cartoons. Please make more n
Jennifer Wyatt:
Ohhhh my!!!! Animation makes it EVEN more funny!!!! One My favorite sketchs is when he talks about the club and he does the bass music impression.... and all the girls have to decide the plan real quick... the way he says it.. oh man!!! And then the sketch where he gets his new car and pulls up to pick up a friend... when the guy across steet calls out to him.... laughed so hard i couldnt breathe.. this happens in milwaukee all the time- people will yell out ftom the upstairs bedroom window sometimes-- " hey... hey... maaaannn.....what you doin standin in fronta my crib like that???? he was right on about that!!!
Jessica Fox:
Another one bites the dust? More like another one bites the fluff!
Kama's Queen:
Nooooo make this into a Anime : ( plzzzz
Melissa Ivy:
I looooove the cartoons it's awesomeness!!!!!
Shadow Cake:
Cop:You know why I pulled stoped you

Gabriel:*looks up*Cause you can smell it!

(me:OMG XD )

I lost it at the screaming doughnuts. XD
Thunder GLITCH:
I'm a Huge fan PLEASE PLEASE make more it's so funny
Victor Santana:
he should do the dance dance revolution animated
lizzy da smol bird:
its kinda weird how this art work kinda looks like pen zero part time hero XD
Neeed more. so much better love them
tristan barnett:
make more cartoons make one with taco trucks

    Another classic stand-up bit Comedy Central animated for your viewing pleasure! Watch my run in with cops after leaving Krispy Kreme with donuts. Also, check out StandUp Revolution ►

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