Cop & Donuts (Animated) - Gabriel Iglesias Presents: StandUp Revolution!

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>Cop & Donuts (Animated) - Gabriel Iglesias Presents: StandUp Revolution!
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Brian the Trainer:
Okay so if you get pulled over by a cop ha e an emergency donut 😂😂😂😂 then say cause you can smell it 🍩🍩🍩😂😂😂😂😂
Dani Owen:
Hey fluffy do u have a Instagram
Daniel Parker:
It's a shirt he likes and it I fits lol
Flower Dragon:
This is Damian Moore.
I am such a huge fan of yours.
FugalFive 4798:
I need the Animated Racist Gift Basket Story ;-;
Hixichi Kun:
"Cause you can smell it!" 1:58 XD
Jeffrey Tai Parker:
i love the animated eps u should make seasons of them
Jenna Lewis:
“Fluffy cartoon classic clip.”
I wanna see them do this with the splash mountain joke
Mark Ramsey:
Ya. Need more cartoon. They. Are
carlei_luv102 the boss:
Omg the doughnuts screaming made me cry! It was so funny!!!
crystal spark:
big fan I'm 10 my name is autumn
cynthia green at heart:
first time I got pulled over by a cop I was scared as hell but he didn't give me a ticket.
Never thought I'd utter the words "Poor donut", but there they are! #LOL 🍩
leticia chan:
"I you've been so bad you're gonna get it at home" XD I FREAKING LOVE this animations XD

    Another classic stand-up bit Comedy Central animated for your viewing pleasure! Watch my run in with cops after leaving Krispy Kreme with donuts. Also, check out StandUp Revolution ►

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