Little Big Town - Girl Crush

>>LittleBigTownVEVO>>Little Big Town - Girl Crush
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Ainoor Karim:
I don't know all their songs but this is the best song I heard of them
This song reminds me "Ave Maria-Beyoncé". Don't you think?
Garry Ragsdale:
Great Song Lyrics, well written and performed!
Grace Thomas:
my dad thinks this is gay I don't he doesn't pay close attention to this
Isabella Ray:
Omg she sounds so awesome love your song lol plz sing good for people 
Kaire Smith:
omg we get it people can read two comments and know is not a lesbian song.
not everybody needs to comment that
Lil Durk:
I want to lick her clit, cuz it took his dick.
Lindsay Wolff:
i love this song😍😍😍😘😘😍😘😍😍😍
Mimi Looksalotlike:
so pretty..listening all day like a teenager...helps me clean listening to
songs I love..probably will start listening fist thing in morning. wanta
start spring cleaning now... need to start smiling 1st thing when I get
up.. I wanta be happy and it starts tom. gonna try my new years
resolution...I'm lucky for all I have.. wanta to smile all day....
Sean Atkinson:
#blandville to the last commenter
Shania-Rae Kaleiopu:
Love this song❤ It gives me Ave Maria vibes from Beyoncé😌
Tom Schwarz:
most of you are dumb as fuck
I was so in love with a Marine , even now and then I catch myself wondering
what if , I wanted him so bad I thought I'd lose my mind but life happens
and she stepped in and could be there when I couldn't so she got him . This
song makes me think of him wishing I could be her in his arms 💔
doreen redcay:
I like the music to the song , but I also think it shows that a woman is
hard up!! a woman should think enough of herself to want a guy that only
wants her and not be jealous of someone else he is with. women are worth
more than what they think.
kuba lsd:
omg when i listen this song i cry evry moment;((((

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