Little Big Town - Girl Crush

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Anthony Schneider:
This song is amazing
I have it blaring in my bug 24/7
Carl tucker jr.:
Ezra Oakley:
the song is about her man being with a another woman and she wants to be her
George E. Williams:
Deep song, I can see why 82 million viewed it like myself. KUDOS
Kay Karma:
I have a favor to ask of all of you. If you'd like to know my story of why I ask this, let me know and pm me. Otherwise, I'm not gonna go into detail.

I had someone do me very wrong recently. I ask everyone. Call this number, (251)508-2660, if he or some girl answers just say 'Kelsey wants to know why you lied.' that's it. I deserve an explanation after 7 years with someone. Every year on our birthday. I'm calling over and over until I get a reason and why I was lied to or until he changes his number. I'm not asking to harass him. Or prank him. I want my closure of why he did what he did.
Lluvia Oneida:
El deseo es incomprensible a veces! No se sabe por dónde puede salir...
Louîsa Estrada:
I thought the same as the comment below me haha... Then I figured it out... ❤
Maiken May:
I did a cover of this song at my school recently - afterwards 50 pct. said it was SO COOL - the rest 50 pct. asked me if I am gay ... -.-
Randy Sanders:
I just want the girls singing it,and then they can sing it to me all night long
Sayosel Kthonos:
Great song I think she is at least bi curious after all the fixation
Skyler Maves:
This is the most rediculous thing I've ever heard. She wants to be with a girl because she's into who the girl is dating? That's ridiculous, that's not a girl crush that's her having a crush on a guy and being stupid.
Amazing how many people don't 'get this song' ...amazes me..Some very non astute comments here.
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nini lopez101:
Who is watching in 2017 like if you are 😙😘
Women, men ain't worth it! Trust me, I'm one!

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