Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Video)
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for some reason i always thought this was a joe nichols song..
Braden McClain:
The disrespect got dame mustang get the fuck up outta here
Brooklyn Hobbs:
It is a great weekend and the songs are great
Forderson Lasterson:
The guy driving the Mercedes Benz looks like a real asshole just look at his head he is a pin head
Gamer2002 Live:
I love this song I wish he was me
Hoosier 6.0:
He's wondering with the guy in the corba is mad. Your in the passing lane dude! Move over if ur not passing! People SUCK at driving!
Joseph Gilden:
hes saying dont make a big deal about it
Mary Cabalero:
Hi my baby cousin he's one he love this song it makes him calm down
Mary Leverock:
His timing is like George Straits. I loved the songs he used to sing. I must admit I do like his new song, I Lived It, even though most of his others are not too great anymore.
Mike Haarstad:
Country music is for morons... example: "foreign car" = FORD Cobra 😂
Paul Lamberson:
I miss this age of country music
Sabina Nöjd:
Näitä parempi biisrjä, poju-parka, hammad-lääkäri,ja joku flitt-the bide vielä suellä, ajaaulitse,onpa hänellä Auto!😬

The Cammunist:
Is the "Man with a big cigar" the same guy who was the Warden in Ol' Red who also smoked Cigars and wore a fedora?
mike jones:
driveing down the interstate running thirty minutes late
sports r my life!:
I like this Blake Shelton not nowadays Blake😞😞 come back Shelton we all love!👻👻👻💖💖

    Some Beach (OfficialVideo)

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