Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Video)
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back when he was actually good lol
Denise Hedden:
Gotta love Blake ❤☝️👄🇺🇸
Eddie Franklin:
Lmao. The old man was the Warden in Ol Red, and the guy/beach who stole the car looks like Adam Levine. Too perfect
wonder if he was really getting his teeth done...?
John Swafford:
cause if they aint a chevy their foreign
Jumin Han:
To those who may still be confused about the "foreign car drivin' dude" bit, perhaps did you even take a hot minute to think that maybe it's because it's not a common thing to drive a fancy ass car?
Lee Min-ki:
I always thought this song is good for anger management 😂
Leo Yearry 3:
I love this song the song is some beach blake Shelton. he got to.
Lizzy M.:
I forget how hot blake shelton is damnit
Megan Patton:
Thanks, you scared me from the dentist office forever.
Nancy Duncan:
I have this song on a CD.  I have so many songs by Blake Shelton
Ravianus Shambeni:
Is it just me or does the guy with the yellow car look like Adam Levine.?
Sherry Dishman:
wow tomorrow it will be 8 years old but I still love it
Sid rue:
this song is great unfortunately this is life.

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Some beach. Somewhere.