Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Video)
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I think of this song every time I go to the Dentist. Last time I went they started drilling before I was numb and this song helped me get through it. Just had another one today and I look exactly like you blake, with gauze in my mouth
thanks god for creating the caribbean
he lost his hair and his accent
John Gomez:
it a good song funny to love it
Matt Thomas:
Back when country songs had stories, made people laugh, you could relate, and the songs were fun. The songs did not sound like a rap song
Nawang Lam:
wow my hero Blake amazing💝🎸
Nick Herrera:
even though that was a termi cobra, and not a foreign.. Ford for life (including his f100)
Officer Drac:
and that's why there has to be more than one person operating on me at the dentist cause I take that needle and put it through their throat if they did that to me
Randy Emerson:
Back when Blake Shelton was good
Rodney Davis:
damn dentist gave me 4 ibuprofen pulled an I tooth on Christmas eve said his assistant has the key to the novacaine I never got it was pain like 40 mother fuckers
Sherry Dishman:
love this song thank you blake shelton  for this song
Tyler Bearden:
Wish I was there on that beach!
Warriors 34:
mustang cobra is not a foreign car.
crosby mason:
Mustangs aren't foreign car is Blake 😂
All these terrible people drink lattes...

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Some beach. Somewhere.