Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - Some Beach (Official Video)
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This is some Jimmy Buffet sounding shit
Yes, we get it, they say "foreign car" but show a Mustang.
Country folk are truck people anyways.
Craft Motion:
This is my favorite song by Blake Shelton
Dylan Allen:
the foreign car driving did looks like Sal from impractical jokers
G Mail:
he copied the south African song blikskottel
Jim Dough:
I guess this is considered kind of edgy and modern in the country scene, no?
I had to fight hard to not fall asleep, no pun intended.
Madion Pennington:
Favorite songs from Blake Shelton
the dentist is the same dude as the cell mate in the Ol Red video
Rachel Houtchens:
Hired Jason Towsend's mother Dr Baker? Yeah, I know your not a Christian now!
Shirley D:
Back when him AND his songs were cute.   :)
The Real Martin:
All these people talking about how it was a mustang not a foreign car. Really? Just shut up and enjoy the song.
Tunna The Song Dog:
is that really Blake? OMG, he's really different!!! but still really handsome!!
1:47 Blake's face literally gives me nightmare's he's so fucking angry.
That car is foreign to him. Considering he doesn't recognize it.
With such little traffic on the road both vehicles should have been in the right hand lane. Left lane is for passing. Car goes round, no story, no song.

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Some beach. Somewhere.