LiAngelo Ball Scores From ANYWHERE! Drops 41 Points Maxpreps Holiday Classic

>>BallislifeWest>>LiAngelo Ball Scores From ANYWHERE! Drops 41 Points Maxpreps Holiday Classic
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Billy Lzer:
Thats why his brothers are so skinny
Bob Taker:
Neither liAngelo or LaMelo can play any defence all they do is cherry pick
Brandon Davis:
His game is a lot like Wesley Matthews
Seen him play takes way to many shots to be effective at the next level
David Ho:
is it just me or do all 3 of the bros have funky jump shots?
Looks like he ate most of the hotdogs at home. Those two are twigs compared to him..
JB Nation:
72 he dropped 72 this kid is insean
Jason Yi:
guys have to remember this is a highlight video. There is a reason why Liangelo is ranked lower than his brothers. Watch uncut footage of a whole game and you will understand.
Joe Lusso:
Li angelo ball what shoes
Lonzo ball shoes
Mr. Realistic:
Why does the description say flashy
Saedecia Cook:
His ass need to play football moves like one the field will fit him waaayyy better than a basketball court
Seven Grand:
Kevin love was fat like this in high school too and he turned out alright
Plays like Georges Niang From Iowa State.
he has the potential to have a decent little college career...but based on my eyeball test, i highly doubt he'll have any success in the NBA, or for that matter even get drafted....most future NBA players standout in high can tell early on whether the kid has a future in the pros..he's no where on the same level of his older brother , that kid has the potential to make his mark in the pros...
that's fishy she Lied:
lil Barkley right there only he got range like steph...he gonna be dangerous on the block case he play like Tony Gonzalez too ..damn all 3 @ UCLA??jeez

    La’Melo is a showman — flashy with his play and style. Like many middle brothers, Li’Angelo can often be overlooked, especially with his serious demeanor and workmanlike approach to the game. It doesn’t take long for Chino Hills’ opponents to find out what “Gelo” is capable of... Full Article Here