Boston Accent Lesson w/ Matt Damon

>>The Late Late Show with James Corden>>Boston Accent Lesson w/ Matt Damon
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Bacio Global:
He can’t even do a Boston accent. Lame
Fortnite Top 10s:
I’m a Bostonian and I approve of this message
Disliked the dude who white-washed The Great Wall.
Joseph Carl Breil:
Similar to inserting an 'r' after a word ending in consonant in an Australian accent.
Kujo Matsumoto:
Matt Damon " I do a Mark Wahlberg accent.
Mark Wahlberg" I do a Matt Damon accent
Bill Burr"I do a Bill Burr accent"
Luqmanul Hakim:
go pak yerrr havard yaddd
Michie Warrioh:
Yes I get it I got A buddy Chris
Ronald Thomas:
In my opinion. This guy is by far the best host of any late show. He's genuinely interested in his guests. His guests seem to like him as well.
Rose Thayer:
James sounds like he's deaf when he tries to do a Boston accent haha
Let's me show u Javanese accent
Tetsuya Hayami:
The way James said "is ma downstairs?" Sounds very genuine Australian. That's for sure.
Honey where is my Khaki? ...In the bowl on the table..Why? where are you driving to now?...........
We really do swear a whole fuckin lot
paul kraehenbuhl:
not bad..almost a bit of Aussie twang in there
I can concur with this. The amount of times ma called my friend Rhonda 'Rhonder' if there was a vowel next.

    James asks for a lesson on mastering a Boston accent.

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