Achmed the Dead Terrorist Has a Son - Jeff Dunham - Controlled Chaos | JEFF DUNHAM

>>Jeff Dunham>>Achmed the Dead Terrorist Has a Son - Jeff Dunham - Controlled Chaos | JEFF DUNHAM
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If you want to display a terrorist leave the turban and the beared alone
Terrorism has no race or culture
Brenda Van Tiem:
"Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree but apparently think one got ran over by a fucking lawn mower!"
Daniel Blake:
He sounds like rocket of crash bandicoot
Elitesky GTPH:
Did my Mom Miss ME
Father:um yeah....I dont know..WTF
Felix Svahn:
Why does Achmed’s Son look like Gus Fring from breaking bad?
Its Wiccan:
Pretty much.. yeah!.. i think it does.. (cant stop laughing)
i saw this guy on live TV he is funny
Lavender wave:
Just think about it he never rehearsed the part when the leg fell he played it off so well and he made it even more funny 😂😂😂
Mark Harris:
Gay AJ, lmao. Achmeds queer son, 😂😂
Peter Sheffer:
He can fix my pelvis anytime! Lmao!
Rayan Alfrihi:
I'm Arabic and I love this I don't find it racist
man that is real talent right there
Xbox Guy:
the apple doesn't fall far from the the tree and apparently this one got run over by a *fucking lawnmower*
He made AJ from being a vey scary looking into one of my favorite character lol
quirkyjustice20843 superhero:
That bitch which ever one she was

    "Click here to watch: LOST TAPE! The Achmed you WEREN’T supposed to see!" --~--

Achmed has a son! An extended clip of Jeff Dunham, Achmed, and Achmed Junior from Jeff's latest stand-up special Controlled Chaos. Silence...…wait for it...…I Keel You!

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