Let Her Cry - Hootie & The Blowfish - 1995

>>Jiggs111>>Let Her Cry - Hootie & The Blowfish - 1995
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Big Rip:
and a couple years earlier, I was slammin beers with these guys at the frat house

great sound, great talent
Black Calla Lily:
saw them in concert August 22, 1995 ..Edwin McCain was the opening act.. the crowd was very lackluster.. I think they were all too tipsy or stoned to appreciate the music 😊
Bread Sandwich:
What a unique sound they had when everything else was depressing grunge shit.
GREAT guitar sound & no fucking faggot earrings or bad tattoos - man, I'm so fucking sick of seeing guys with faggot earrings & really bad fucking tattoos!... (AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!...)
Dave McBroom:
Is that Delbert McClinton on harmonica?
Dus DaaNL:
what a voice great sentimental song 
thanks hootie
Gene Ebeling:
Just after this inaugural performance on national television, Hootie and The Blowfish were about to hit. (And the album in which this amazing song premieres on went to sell something like 16 million copies). I love this band, and I love Darius Rucker. 
So so long ago. Thought it made sense to me back then, makes even more sense now
Keith Kerr:
Rucker said in an interview that this performance on a Friday night caused them to explode......they were average guys on Friday and known all over the country by Monday....Letterman mentioned them everyday for a week or so and really contributed to them growing at that time....
Awesome! Sharing on @HootiFans Twitter and Facebook! :)
Randy C:
At the guy calling out Nirvana....how many number ones you have?
Steve Palestini:
This is a chitty version...Cant find classic one..Tore this up in keroke neva forget that night being wasted..Great nite..Sang to 2nd wife but was thinking of 1st..Fkkn nailed it...HATBF live on guys
Tyler Clayborn:
Wish Aaron Lewis would cover this song
Will Foley:
One of the best songs of the 90s in my opinion. Still a huge fan...
Nothing like a good cry. I highly recommend it... ;)(

    Hootie & the Blowfish perform Let Her Cry on David Letterman 1995