Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani: "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" - The Voice 2016

>>The Voice>>Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani: "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" - The Voice 2016
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Annie Quinn:
That would have sounded better with Miranda singing it. Gwen is not a country singer. He did a great job... Song just doesn't fit her...
Crystal Caswell:
omg they are my fave couple ever they are so friggin cute everyone should love like that omg so sweet hits home and so beautiful singing together !!!!!
Debra Wessels:
Seems like Blake shouldn't do duets with females!! BLAKE&MIRANDA TEAM!!!!!
Diana McPaisley:
Gwen's right...Blake is so handsome.
Lesa Konecsni:
I loved it Blake! you are SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO, CUTE!!!! # I LOVE YOU# my name isTatum
Leslie-Anne Goodall:
both great artists but I don't think Gwen's voice is suited to country music
Matea 10:
I love Adam's face at 03:27 😊
Max Castles:
it's definitely rare for two people to look at each other for almost the whole duration of their duet, that's LOVE...
Nicaela Miron:
the way they look at each other. 😍😍😍 ❤❤❤
Nicole Montesano:
i so wish he was still with Marand but I Love the song and I Love Gwen too☺😍
Sooksri Albjerg:
You 2 the best. Thank you for sharing
Tiffany Barnard:
Hey everyone is it just me or does anyone else see how Gwen has tears in her eyes at around 3:50 minutes into the video when she is looking at him but they are happy, smitten, absolutely love you, I found my soulmate kind of tears. I think they are a terrific couple I think after all the hurt and pain and everything else they have been through separately with their previous spouses, they deserve to be really happy and have all the love and precious gifts and blessing that come with it. I hope they found their soulmate in each other I truly wish them all the happiness in the world, you can already see the positive changes they have inspired in each other, Gwen is so sweet and down to earth and not stick up and not conceited anymore like the way she was when she was with Gavin, I think Gavin who is conceited himself influenced Gwen into having that kind of attitude as well. Now she is back to the old Gwen the sweet, caring happy person, who cares about everyone's feelings, I think Blake has brought out the best in her and Gwen has brought out the best in Blake, they are so sweet it is so nice to see, I love watching the voice again now because of they way they are together it's refreshing to see and a breath of fresh air, I love how they are so open about their relationship and are not afraid to show their affection to one another, and it's so sweet how she calls him blakey that's to cute for words , it's beautiful to see and watch every week! To be honest I had given up on the show before I found it boring, stale, and overall dull so I stopped watching, but now that Gwen and Blake are back on the show together I now watch the show religiously, even though it's a reality talent show, everyone likes a good romance! Their cute flirting and the love and happiness they have for one another is infectious. I have never seen Gwen smile and laugh this much ever! It is so great to see the way they just overall interact with each other is just so sweet and cute, you can't help but smile, at least that's how I feel but the voice has got me back as a viewer ! All the best to Gwen and Blake you 2 really deserve each other and all the happiness in the world!
Yusef Bilal:
i wish and i hope someday duet between Blake and Adam pls ...tnx
alex Pamei:
tbh i would go for miranda....gwen stefani is cool but i prefer miranda
Blake and Christina's voice go better together...just sayin

    Coaches Blake and Gwen take to the stage to perform their new romantic duet.
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Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani: "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" - The Voice 2016

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