Hear what an emotional Tim Williams said after Alabama's loss to Clemson

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.com>>Hear what an emotional Tim Williams said after Alabama's loss to Clemson
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That's reporter who was trying to trick him into saying something bad about the pick play is a real SCUMBAG !!!  What a piece of crap of a human being he must be to try and fool a 19 year old kid right the biggest disappointment of his young life.  Tim Williams is all class. He showed it here.  That reporter  wants to be a part of the game so bad. He wants to be the one who tricked a depressed young kid into saying something against the refs'.  What a loser.
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left:
''''Bammie football will now be remembered for the greatest choke in sports history, are you kiddin' me???........14-0 down the clogged trailerpark outhouse,.....with one fuckin' second left???'''''''...........Stephen A. Smith , ESPN
Archie Lee:
Doug Benefield:
Aamzing how it still hurts when we lose after winning so much!!
Guillermo Ruelas:
Big Tim gonna look nice In black and gold next year
Jim Brown:
This guy has got to stop being a thug. Getting caught with a gun and failing multiple drug tests. He's a top 15 talent in the draft that might end up being drafted in the 2nd round because of his poor decision making. He could be another Randy Gregory. Teams didn't want to draft him because of the same problems. He was supposed to be a top talent, but Dallas selected with pick 60 (2nd round) in the NFL draft. He was just recently suspended by the NFL for the ENTIRE 2017 season because of failing a drug test. I know its hard to get the ghetto out of some of these guys, but damn, its like they don't even realize what they could do with some discipline.
Joe S:
Mark music. You're a funny game. sour grapes. You're whining tears are enjoyable to read. Cheated HOW so?? By torching the SO called Alabama defense for 512 yards? Watson lit up the bama secondary like it was the Griswalds house on Christmas
I was hoping he was going to get drafted by the Steelers but there's no way he's going to fall so far down the boards to us now
Martin Smallwood:
He never chopped his legs, it wouldn't have happened that way if the DB wouldn't have literally pulled him under his own damn legs, basically tackling the WR!!!
This is a stand up dude. RESPECT! Clemson Alumni 91" WELCOME TO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!
Very humble guy. He'll go on to do great things in football and life.
Ron Kiser:
upstanding young man! reporters trying their best to get him to down play Clemson and he showed true respect and owned the loss. my hat is off to him.
Scarlett O'hara:
I love Tim Williams, especially when he says,"We Bama." That phrase is the sum total of the Alabama football program--fans included. Gotta love the conviction--fan or not!
Tiger Macc:
aww yall lost one game. Their is no need to feal down on your self CLEMSON was just the better team they should more heart they wanted more. Yall be back.
kameron steel:
That's not what George Wallace said

    Tim Williams spoke to the media following Alabama's loss to Clemson and had a number of passionate things to say, speaking on topics including how he felt about the officiating in the game, his feelings towards Clemson after the loss, and much more.