Hear what an emotional Tim Williams said after Alabama's loss to Clemson

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.com>>Hear what an emotional Tim Williams said after Alabama's loss to Clemson
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Ashlee Ducote:
I thought that was a girl with that hair hanging to his shoulders. When did
girls start wearing beards and talking like that. Oh, I forgot, it's
hoping my ravens give this kid a look. very humble high character guy
CeeCee Russell:
I can't wait until next year. Roll tide 🐘🏈
Cody Raper:
Love you Timmy! Another year complete another great championship game.
Congratulations to Clemson and Dabo, (Watson should have been this years
heisman btw) We're not going anywhere folks so back off the ledge. I've
seen/been to alot of Bama football in my life and will def. miss this team.
Reloading as usual and let's get ready for the noles in Atlanta!

Peace, Love, & chicken grease
Gilmer 9999:
You guys got screwed, Tim. Sorry.
I was hoping he was going to get drafted by the Steelers but there's no way
he's going to fall so far down the boards to us now
M. Scott Blalock:
I am a Clemson Grad and of course I am happy for the win, but I give lots
of credit to not only the success of Bama over the years and all the
championships, but the class they all have shown us over the last two years
much like the class shown by Tim Williams after the game. We wanted to play
the best and Bama is the best. Bama will play for the Championship many
more times in the future, and I hope we are there with them. Great game to
both teams!
Marshall Brown:
Clemson guy here. I was in Tampa this year and Phoenix last year. Alabama
fans and players are class acts.
Very humble guy. He'll go on to do great things in football and life.
Impressive. Refused to take the bait to accept the excuses the interviewers
were teeing up.
Pure Liberal Warrior:
I'm devastated but...Alabama has given me a lot of pleasure this year, and
the past few seasons too. Rrrooolll Tide! The New York Jets and Giants have
let me down in a lot of ways recently, and they're not nearly as much fun
to watch as Bama. Former Crimson Tider and Jet Joe Namath said the same
thing recently.
Quincy Hailey:
Im a Clemson Fan. Tim Williams and Rueben Foster brung That Thump.
T. Y.:
I guess now bama knows how Clemson felt last year going 13-0 but lost the
heart of Dixie:
I just want to thank ' every player that came back for their senior year'
Tim Williams ' Allen and the rest' played their heats out' and yes they
left everything on the field . this is part of our coach Saban process .
the important thing is these guys did something that is so stuff to do '
go to the top of the mountain ' and stayed there ' everyone knew it was
just a matter of time before some team just wanted it more; there're no
losers here. Bama is still the championing's of college football ' Saban is
not going away ' I will and always will support my crimson Tide as a fan '
all these sports network garbage cans ; want us to believe that Bama is no
longer the champs' what happen 1/9/17 is History ' it's time to move
forward 'back up to the top of college football ; and Coach Saban will do
just that ' so congrats to Clemson in their win. looking forward to the
2017 season . Roll Tide .
Thank you Tim Williams from a Clemson fan - you are a class act.

    Tim Williams spoke to the media following Alabama's loss to Clemson and had a number of passionate things to say, speaking on topics including how he felt about the officiating in the game, his feelings towards Clemson after the loss, and much more.