Basketball Isn't Even His First Sport & HE'S NICE WITH IT 😩 Lucas Wilson... #Blessed

>>IN THE LAB NEWS>>Basketball Isn't Even His First Sport & HE'S NICE WITH IT 😩 Lucas Wilson... #Blessed
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Anthony 1232:
Good emoji use in the title lol
Ayinde Motirayo:
This dude's signature move is the hitstick. He ran like 2 dudes over lol.
Bo Jonni:
Plays almost exactly like Westbrook
Brandon 916:
he can go the basketball route for a chance of more money and a longer career or if he goes the football route he'll have a shorter career but with a bigger chance of being in the nfl
Derryck Tarver:
Usually I'm not impressed but I like his game can shoot get to the basket and rebounds
Dj Hooper:
Mf that play football usually plays some tight ass defense on the basketball court
Funny Comment Guy:
Obviously it's not his main sport he can't go left
Nick Harmonson:
No if and Buts about it, the kid is an ATHLETE! An Urban Meyer guy! 😊
Royce Ochoa:
Football player version of Eric bledsoe lol
Shane Castro:
Allen Iverson was actually an all American stand out football player. Now look... he's in the basketball hall of fame. Funny how life works.
Tanzina Tasnim:
So he plays a different sport most of the time and basketball is second sport he plays or he stopped playing the other sport and now he plays basketball?
Vence Lewis:
I'd like to see the young man compete against better competition.
Yahawashi Coming Soon:
And I bet he's better at basketball than his best sport lol
mario coleman:
2nd game they was playing against elementary they was lil asf
so first sport must be football the way he charges

    Lucas Wilson is listed as a 6'5 Senior & attends Churchill HS, OR
We spoke to some Churchill coaches in the stands & supposedly the kid is great at Track & Field, got offers for that. After debuting in football last year, he got offers off that. Then he shined at the LSI tournament... Wouldn't be surprised if schools want him on their team as a hooper + it seems like he's got a great attitude also. Whatever he sets his mind to, he'll be great at the next level regardless.

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