HD - Dabo Swinney interrupted speech - Clemson vs Notre Dame

>>TrueCoIors>>HD - Dabo Swinney interrupted speech - Clemson vs Notre Dame
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Dabo never saw a camera or mike he didn't like. Biggest ego in College football. NCAA will be calling soon.
Andrew Sandeen:
This game was the start of it all
Cameron Cooper:
ESPN sucks! I'll say it again, as many have said already. We all know why they cut him off, because he mentioned God. ESPN you all suck!
Cull Cooney:
they cut him off because he was thanking god they dont like it when people do that and that makes me mad they cut him off if he didnt say anything about god they wouldnt have cut him off
even if ESPN cut the feed, the good Lord heard what Dabo said and it's okay because God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good. #ALLIN
Obviously done intentionally without a doubt. There really is no need for us believers to get mad or be surprised in anyway. We are in the last of the last days. Anybody and everybody can see that. This kind of behaviour against God and all his followers was prophesied many times in Gods Word. There has never been a prophesy that hasn't been fulfilled. Jesus is coming soon! This is very exciting for all of us believers! Not so much for the rest of the world, but hey, what can you do? Gods been patiently waiting. Everybody has been given the chance to accept him and invite him into their life. North America has rejected him and wants nothing to do with him. Sad but true. I sleep like a baby every night having so much love and peace in my heart. I shutter to think about what's in store for those that turned away from God and rejected him. It's not gonna be pretty. We are talking about eternity here.Oh well, like I said, what can you do?
And people still think the world isn't ran by Satan.
He reminds me of my girlfriend's dad. 😎 One of my favorite college coaches - War Eagle. Best of luck to you, Clemson.
Moses Skjei:
After every game he has a new stupid acronym, frickin Dabo what kind of redneck name is that?
its so cheesy and dumb
Ryan Hunt:
Of course they get my dude CB in the beginning of the video. He byog'd out that game, like a champ should. Love you dude always a tiger though lol
Tom Black:
Great coach and great interview! ESPN cut the coach off. Sad.
Trollin Powell:
Espn cut off Dabo for mentioning and giving praise to God.
Turquoise Rose:
Unbelievable! It's also unbelievably funny to me how some people say Christians are judgmental and only know how to hate and discriminate, yet people who say that are guilty of judging, hating and discriminating against Christians! Double standards? YES!
This fucking redneck deserved to get his speech cut-off. Nobody wants to hear that crap.
roger b:
Typical God-hating liberal Espn,don't tell me this was by accident, 'cause it wasn't.

    Head Coach Dabo Swinney postgame speech after Clemson's big win over Notre Dame. Cut off by accident(ESPN later apologized and ran the speech in full).