Julian Newman: 12-Year-Old Phenom INSANE Workout

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman: 12-Year-Old Phenom INSANE Workout
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D3mon St4S:
I dbought hell be the next lebronjames😅
Daniel Garcia:
Lowkey like this kid, he's gonna be great, if he isn't already 😉
Too bad his parents taught him to be an utter douchebag on the court......
Hayden Kling:
You won't make the nba, ur cocky and ur grades suck
James Jackson:
He's gonna get burned out by college if he keeps getting pushed this way
John Addison:
Please view jay Freddy basketball video
He's an unnecessary dribbler in actual games at times though. A little work on controlling his pride and fundamental IQ. He might make it. That's why I like Tyler Ulis.
Mordecai Kinny:
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Niggie N:
Asi de enano se ha quedado jajajaj
Noellyn Aldrich:
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Randolf Trina:
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*Too short & weak end of story*
Vortex Ninja:
whats that thing we wears on his upper body? starting fro 00:17
roman tamayo:
I think unless he grows AT LEAST 6'1 he won't make the NBA or play high level college.
stefan sedlan:
All superstars when they were young were not have money this kod is only good because his dad is high school trainer.

    Julian Newman gets ready for his 7th grade season (3rd year playing high school varsity) with a crazy workout at Downey Christian (Orlando, Florida). He turned 13 in September but this workout was filmed before his birthday.

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