Julian Newman: 12-Year-Old Phenom INSANE Workout

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman: 12-Year-Old Phenom INSANE Workout
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are u sure that da kid is 12!!!!!!?????
Elite crafter:
dang that kid probably has abs already
how did i get here from a filthy frank video?
Hakeem Lyon:
No disrespect to him but, those 3s won't matter when you're the little guy on the court getting yo shit blocked. Also, your dribble looks too intense. Calm down. Have a smooth connection to the ball. (P.S I do think he's 10x better than me)
Ian Lenz:
If he was just like 5 inches taller but still had the same range and handles he could prob have a future in the nba. EDIT: and if he started working on shooting with a higher release
IrocRobins a:
whats the song called when it first come on
Jorge Bucarelo:
The boy has a future but he has to improve his shooting technique to perfect it
Orlando Allen:
tech me how to play like you text me back or call me
Sandin Mench:
He is going to be that height for the rest of his life
Ver Jugadores:
We are looking for talents! verjugadores.com
Yolanda Thomas:
This boy is good he is almost better than me
I have horrible handels I gotta work in my Handel's
zavier Jackson:
This training does not correlate to his game at all. The dude literally dribbles the ball for 15 seconds step back and three
обсератель каналов:
хахаххахаха ебать а данк он не может делать
マイコ YT:
What shoe is that please let me know.

    Julian Newman gets ready for his 7th grade season (3rd year playing high school varsity) with a crazy workout at Downey Christian (Orlando, Florida). He turned 13 in September but this workout was filmed before his birthday.

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