Greatest Trick Plays in Football History

>>Jaydon>>Greatest Trick Plays in Football History
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Ahmad Mahmoud:
The play withe the trick kick was nice
Daniel Krommenhoek:
you forgot Boise State's Statue of Liberty play :(
Joey B:
Lol that last one was awesome!
Oh man, that last one had to be embarrassing for Sanchez and Moore. So many
"head up the ass" jokes in the locker room. Poor dudes.
Mateo Gomez:
pleasure evolution chaos promise doll dirt.
Gotta love some hand egg every once in a while
Rigo Arellano:
i was at that Seattle game😊
The Community:
Patriots did the Baldwin throws to Wilson play a year ahead.
Tom Brady:
How the fuck don't you know what side of the field you kicked the ball
on.... come on Seattle
Your Lord and Savior:
the one where the blue one layed on the ground was fun
Where's the music city miracle ?
jamanuel dickerson:
why don't they do this in the NFL
@8:30 - "this is good, right? The cheering I'm doing is correct?"
how do u not have the play Boise state ran on Oklahoma the play faked out
not only people watching but commentators and cameramen.
Алексей З.:
I so love this game! Alas, but in my country AF is very, very weak. Maybe

    best trick plays in football of all time

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