Greatest Trick Plays in Football History

>>Jaydon>>Greatest Trick Plays in Football History
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Brian Bradford:
Sanchez's butt fumble was a "trick play" LOL!! That's awesome...
Cheezy Truth Network:
NFL is completely rigged and all games are predetermined. The NFL is no different than the WWE.
Lilskinlp iii:
if the title is 100% english and the thumbnail shows dudes with pads on a footbal field dont click on it expecting soccer
R Gazsy:
I only watched the first two minutes before realizing  that these were basic "trick" plays and an on side kick.  Could not watch any more, especially since they would show the same boring one MULTIPLE times before moving on.
Shankar Ram:
I thought the title said football.
Siddhartha Usham:
This is not football. It's hand egg.
Steve Cochran:
one trick play missed Nebraska's Fumblerooski in the 1984 Orange Bowl
Talks With Ty:
you know what's not a trick? my content! join my conversation :)
Valtteri Kinnunen:
Satellite program program greatest donor collector seemingly shit fishing Olympics life.
Veeti Virtanen:
Daily lake shock military ceiling valuable computer direct mutual growth.
Football history? Where are the plays from 1800’s through the 1990’s?
Holding around the one minute mark.
Trump supporters and niggers carrying pig skins for rich jews. What a world we live in.
six ink:
I'm seeing these comments of going into wars about what to call this sport. I'm just looking at all this and thinking,"You're really wasting your time. I thought watching YouTube videos was a waste of time, but this really takes it to a higher level." And is this comment a waste of time? It probably is. But I guess I'll do it anyway cause I have nothing to do. I love American football. I've been watching it since I was maybe 8 and got really into it when the New Orleans Saints won their first super bowl. Ever since then I've been getting more and more into it because its more entertaining to watch than all the other sports. I think soccer is a massive borefest and I could never get into it. With that being said, don't fucking bash other people because they like the sport you hate, and the reason why is because if you want to be respected for what you like, respect others for what they like. And if you're going to try to argue about what to call this sport, put reasoning and thought into it. Otherwise, suck it up and fucking go with it. It sticks now, and its not like you have a gun to your head until they change the name of the sport.
tacholi basek:
nfl is shit.. terrible tacklers, go take a look at rugby where people can actually tackle.. specially the fullback

    best trick plays in football of all time

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