Greatest Trick Plays in Football History

>>Jaydon>>Greatest Trick Plays in Football History
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uhhh #3 wasn't even a trick play.
Christo 130:
Daaaammmmmnnnn almost 20 mil views bro keep it up
Frank Conti III:
I want to thank you for putting the Butt Fumble at the end... good video becomes amazing!
GoPro Central:
Fuck off you tight pantied fags, we just ran out of destiny to manifest
J Bo:
this video is half Seattle Seahawks and LSD there wasn't a single f****** Broncos game and they won the 50th Super Bowl and I saw many great plays in that game. half of them are plays I've seen Millions better
Jarred Emanuel:
Do the trick play seattle did on how to lose a game at the last second.
Lilskinlp iii:
if the title is 100% english and the thumbnail shows dudes with pads on a footbal field dont click on it expecting soccer
When the Patriots was trick played that was foul he pitched it forwards
Renita Leno:
What about the "The Music City Mircle" how can you forget that one. It was a clean Lateral... so it shouldve been on this video....
Sarah Schwarz:
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@4:13: The trick play actually was pointless. The DB did his job and maintained coverage on the guy. Big Ben just threw a perfect pass.
joseph unice:
i hate the rames i like dallase
owen gerig:
Wwwwwwhhhhaaaaattttttt, wheres the Hester run back where everyone thought he took a knee
I'm sorry, but the greatest trick play I ever saw was a high school game, where the offense lined up, but the qb acted like something was wrong. The o-line stood up, and the center turned and handed the ball to the qb as he walked to the line. The qb just took the ball and walked all the way past the linebackers as they wondered what was going on. When the qb got into the secondary he took off running. Funny as hell.
Trick plays are desperation. They don't work because they're good plays, they only work because the other team isn't expecting that BS

    best trick plays in football of all time

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