Greatest Trick Plays in Football History

>>Jaydon>>Greatest Trick Plays in Football History
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Benjamin Eckman:
At 1:10 that was actually an illegal pass, the quarterbacks, foot went
beyond the line of scrimmage, you can see the marker in between the legs of
the official on the sideline.
I see this video everywhere anyone else??
Brennan Sweat:
half of these are just regular ass plays
David Jenkinson:
Most of these aren't trick plays! Click bate.
I Died To Gromp:
Is the thumbnail a real thing, or just clickbait?
Jacoby Carter:
Georgia tech had the best play
Jamie Keil:
He onlyhas 50 3K subscribers but he has 11 million views
Pointy Fork:
I can barely see the football
Ran Snyder:
This video was fucking terrible...
Who else thought that at 11:27 the Clemson dude was Kam Chancellor?
Stefan Müller:
Wem Fußball zu schnell ist , schaut Football......
Im sorry, but some of these "trick plays" are straight out luck. And some
others are merely NFL players learning how to play rugby which really the
lessons could only help
rocco rostagno:
an onside kick ain't a trick play.
Should learn the difference between "trick" plays and plays where whacky or
weird things happen. Most of these are not trick plays.
Steelers lost that game. Trick play or not lol go boys

    best trick plays in football of all time

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