Thompson Square - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you
Candace Aubuchon:
I could care less who's gay who's straight it's a damn good song why the
hell do people have to tear everything down and put a label on it. It's a
song for heaven sakes if you like it good listen to it if you don't then
find something else. Man what the hell is wrong with the human race our
priorities are WAY outta wack
Cruzz Dillon:
All got sum cute voices on this wun
Elizabeth Jilks:
awesome wedding song
Eric Throneburg:
greatest song are u gonna kiss me or not
Haiii_Itz_ Tori:
IM A THOMPSON IM A THOMPSON I wonder if I'm realated to them....
Justin Myslive:
kind of a hard one for me to listen to. I was with a girl in 2010. we
talked about getting married. we said this song would be the song we had
the first dance at the reception. long story short we split up and now
she's married to someone else. she was the best girl I was ever with and
kick myself daily for letting her go. I will never find another like her.
like Jack Lemon said in grumpy old men..........." the things you regret i
life are the chances you diddn't take so if you see a chance to be happy
you grab it with both hands and say to hell with the consequences " lesson
learned the hard way
Kathryn Paulsen:
My husband and my wedding song ❤❤ 8-6-10!
Lena Pless:
Libby Grable:
That was Davey's and my song.
Olivia Driver:
Love this song makes me feel good and happy
Summer Maslow Mendes Mahone:
this is me and my bf's song <3 :)
Supergirl 1996:
This goes out to the first guy who stuck with me for seven months even
through our rocky moments I know you are the one baby and I love you more
than anything.
ellen messer:
Except for that long one after that.....
wanda pagan:
This song my fiancé dedicated to me and it's gonna be are wedding you babe.....miss you ... he's in the army can't wait for you
to be home

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