Thompson Square - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

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Angel Thompson:
Our 10th wedding anniversary today. I love you with all my heart.
Angie Fisher:
This was my sisters wedding song
Biloxi Davis:
this song is 7 years old thats crazy
Justin Myslive:
kind of a hard one for me to listen to. I was with a girl in 2010. we talked about getting married. we said this song would be the song we had the first dance at the reception. long story short we split up and now she's married to someone else. she was the best girl I was ever with and kick myself daily for letting her go. I will never find another like her. like Jack Lemon said in grumpy old men..........." the things you regret i life are the chances you diddn't take so if you see a chance to be happy you grab it with both hands and say to hell with the consequences " lesson learned the hard way
So funny this is played in St Augustine and I live here lol 😂❤️ no wonder everything looked familiar
Kathryn Paulsen:
My husband and my wedding song ❤❤ 8-6-10!
Kendra Wyatt:
I like it song and my mom does to but my family loves it very much so and I just wanted to tell you guys and I love it to just only my family me to and I just wanted to tell you guys to ok have a good night we love you guys ❤️️💜
Kyle Owens:
Great song, sounds fantastic, but you doofuses are far from country. Hank would be rolling over in his grave to see a fucking boxcar orphans hat instead of a cowboy hat
Lena Pless:
Rolls Royce:
on the 24th of january i dreamed of something with that song in my dream wow
Supergirl 1996:
This goes out to the first guy who stuck with me for seven months even through our rocky moments I know you are the one baby and I love you more than anything.
Will Federowic:
One of the best songs of my life. It's been there for some magical moments, not even romance moments. Just amazing times that I wish I could live in forever.
XxNotDatKewl22 xX:
IM A THOMPSON IM A THOMPSON I wonder if I'm realated to them....
suzanne wood:
love this song will always remind me of one certain guy!!

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