Kevin Durant vs Blake Griffin IN HIGH SCHOOL Highlights! Ty Lawson & Sam Bradford Too!

>>Ballislife>>Kevin Durant vs Blake Griffin IN HIGH SCHOOL Highlights! Ty Lawson & Sam Bradford Too!
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Aaron Allen:
I think they would do great in NFL but I don't think NBA
Adam Thomas:
Chino Hills scrimmage back in the day?
Anthony DeLillo:
All these kids talking shit about the baggier clothes back then... Yet I bet 'y'all are following the current trends looking like a fucking moron wearing tight ass skinny jeans... 😂
Dwight Castillo:
Looks like Blake didn't wanted to be there at all
Damn Kevin Durant actually played hard in this game I wonder how many 4th qtr pts he had
High Guise:
This Lawson kid is too short and this Durant kid is too skinny, I hope they get a good education because the NBA ain't happening
You guys should sub to me and I'll sub back
Jared Rice:
Why can't my team be as big as these guys god damn it's like two ultimate teams
Klay Thompson:
Blake Griffin looks like a damn neo-Nazi skinhead
Lidickey Ball:
maybe Sam Bradford should have kept hooping
lmao did no one else catch the travel at 4.05
Michael Moreno:
Blake griffin has a nice undershirt
Nathan Kaltz:
looks like blake hasnt always been dunking like blake does lol 😂
Shizz Jizzle:
Blake Griffin didn't impress me back then.. My did he grow into a grown a88 man tho..
Travis Warren:
griffin wearin a 5x under his jersey lol

    Here’s a high school AAU throwback video from July 24th of 2005 featuring current Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant (11th grade) and Sacramento King Ty Lawson going against the Clippers’ Blake Griffin (9th grade - his game has come a long way) and NFL player Sam Bradford. This video is in association with The Basketball Channel.

Durant scored a game-high 29 for the D.C. Blue Devils, two coming off a dunk on Blake Griffin, who had 15 for Athlete’s First.

Watch the first video of our throwback series featuring Kawhi Leonard here:

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