Kevin Durant vs Blake Griffin IN HIGH SCHOOL Highlights! Ty Lawson & Sam Bradford Too!

>>Ballislife>>Kevin Durant vs Blake Griffin IN HIGH SCHOOL Highlights! Ty Lawson & Sam Bradford Too!
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Brandon Smith:
That's when baggy clothes were in. Lol now it's skin tight tights and form fitted jerseys.
Brian Johnson:
Blake out there lookin like Aaron Hernandez 😬
Geo Rockmann:
The amount of people who don't know what sarcasm is give's me aids
Harold Swanson:
Don't see much potential in either. They would be lucky to make the D-League. Why did you even post this?
Blake dunked once KD team was flying everywhere
Jesse Marzan:
that kid looks like kevin durant
Back when there were baggy jerseys
Ozzy Gaming:
kd looks like the guy that will blow a 3-1 lead 1 day
Taylor King:
Blake's head is why you don't take your bi-racial child to supercuts...
Tim Wong:
Wow high school kids back in the days are Way bigger than the ones now. When i watch the old clips compare them to high school now theres no chance these kids now a days can play high school ball back in the days.
Trojan Torrez:
They look hot with all those big ass clothes on..
abzalley Goat:
Their gonna be piles of trash in the NBA
bigboy blue:
blake aint do shit in this video
Blake couldn't dunk in highschool?
that random guy:
These highschoolers looks like straight out of genetic freak lottery machines !

    Here’s a high school AAU throwback video from July 24th of 2005 featuring current Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant (11th grade) and Sacramento King Ty Lawson going against the Clippers’ Blake Griffin (9th grade - his game has come a long way) and NFL player Sam Bradford. This video is in association with The Basketball Channel.

Durant scored a game-high 29 for the D.C. Blue Devils, two coming off a dunk on Blake Griffin, who had 15 for Athlete’s First.

Watch the first video of our throwback series featuring Kawhi Leonard here:

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