Gabriel Iglesias work for disney Ron White Salute to the Troops

>>armaund Fowler>>Gabriel Iglesias work for disney Ron White Salute to the Troops
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Adrianna Anonymous:
It's sad that the word *gay* was bleeped out...
Alex Blair:
Anyone else notice how "gay" Is censored, but "whore" isn't? 🤔
I hate censorship.... especially in comedy
Brandi England:
Ah well I go hit him like this, I go hit him like this then he gonna hit he gonna hit como se dice piso? He gonna hit the floor then dun dun like that okay lol
Brian Howden:
They bleeped out the word "gay"?  Give me a break...this is the 21st century dudes.
Dante Pheles:
Did they censor the word "gay"?
David Packer:
they bleeped the word 'gay' in his first joke.
Did they really bleep out “gay”? Wtf?
Gabriel Malek:
They seriously bleeped “gay”
Prince Neo:
Had to censor the word gay? Fucking special snowflakes.
Scott Strong:
god where the hell  is bob hope
Why the fuck did they mute the word "gay"?
gerais padilla:
Give the Mexican a cactus... Lol. Nopales are good, Bro. Don't act like you don't like them.
kayla rose:
How to confuse people

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r juttemeijer:
High time this guy came to The Netherlands!