Gabriel Iglesias work for disney Ron White Salute to the Troops

>>armaund Fowler>>Gabriel Iglesias work for disney Ron White Salute to the Troops
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because i respect gabriel iglesias so much i am willing to grow a terrible goatee and buy some knee length jean shorts LOL JK
Brittany Bennett:
Fluffy so funny people are cracking up way before he even gets to the next punchline cuz they're too busy still laughing at his last joke.
Cassandra Mitch:
I love you Fluffy! Keep smiling and making this looney gal laugh hysterically!! :-D:-D
Cereal Withpain:
5:30 ....😂😂😂😂....
Chainvelocity CH:
TD for bleeps, that's not comedy.
Hello Bella:
This just show Disney is better
Jacob Callahan:
did they just bleep out the word gay
Juventino Gonzalez:
they bleeped gay
cuz the dud that put
the vídeo is a gay
Luillhy Amador:
any knows what movie he was working on with nikelodion?
Mitchell Bullen:
this video is gay when they bleep out GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY and one more thing GAY
My Music:
LMAO! You are the best. I work in Retail and the sarcasm is just right on. :)
Nimitzclass A:
Deport his fat a°° to Mexico... so we can enjoy him more over here XD
Phoebe, who lives inside a KFC:
I heard he is going to play jokey smurf in the new smurf movie... I love fluffy
Sebastian R.:
Why was the word "gay" beeped out? Since when is being gay offensive?
The Latino Critic:
Who cares if they censor the word "gay"? It's just a damn word.