Gabriel Iglesias work for disney Ron White Salute to the Troops

>>armaund Fowler>>Gabriel Iglesias work for disney Ron White Salute to the Troops
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Indigo Lynx:
that "I'm not high I'm lofty" line was terrible
Internet Shutin:
Why is the word "gay" censored?...
Jack Pepper:
They really censoredthe word "gay" what a bunch of faggot cry babies
Jenna Lewis:
Why the hell did they bleep out the word “gay”.
Jewel Mathews:
it's sad when they bleep out words that aren't offensive! taking sensitivity too fucking far
Lemon Dude 72:
His line was “hey guys, im glad were all here!” But yet hes saying “HEY GUYS, I CANT BELIEVE THAT WERE ALL HERE!!”
Liable Balance:
Anyone know what movie he is talking about? Talking about that nickelodeon car one.
Manny Kyriazis:
Why do they bleep the word Gay?
Timothy S:
From Apollo, shouting love to his now, showing love for his family and supporting the troops. Thank you for the hard work and laughs.
The only military personnel to be able to watch comedy and singing celebrities were the bitches at Bastion, camp rats. The Disney Land for non-combat troops. This guy is hella' funny, wish we had him to boost our morale in the shit. And for the non-combatant troops, you earned your medals sitting in camp comfort fucktards, hope you're telling everyone your combat stories like the legends you are.........pffft
Tony flamingo:
Why the fuck did they censor “gay”
Voltaic Entertainment:
Why’d they censor the word “gay”?
fuck George Lopez. He got rich talking shit about his people. I can't stand that democrat trump hating crater face ass. Gabriel Iglesias is real man
Gabriel is a top notch comedian. Lots of good moments
Čhłøə Båřţłēý:
Why is the word gay bleeped out?