Gabriel Iglesias work for disney Ron White Salute to the Troops

>>armaund Fowler>>Gabriel Iglesias work for disney Ron White Salute to the Troops
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Ajani Cunningham:
"I don't know, ahem. . . . Varrrrrrrrooooooooommmmmmm"
Anton B. Ingibjartsson:
what the...
did they just sensor the word 'gay'?
this is the 21st century. srsly, wtf!?
Brother Malachai:
Damn, they should've put Gabriel in Spongebob. Or the upcoming Invader Zim reboot. Or TMNT. That'd been funny. Oh well.
Cons Piracy:
The word "gay" was censored!? WTF!?
Faiz Ahmed Syed:
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Gavin DuBray:
Why did they bleep the word, gay
Jackson wireguy:
I wish there where no censorship
Joe Estrada:
5:05 "aher, aher, aher, aher, aher"!
Just Somethin:
Just wanna let you guys know, they censored the word โ€œgayโ€ at 2:20
Kyle Bedwell:
Why did you beep out the word "gay"????
Muneeb Ahmed:
Did anyone notice that he or she litterally typed discription in discription
Strawberry Kit-kat:
i cant believe they censored gay holy fucking shit fuck off. censor THAT
Did they censor the word "gay"...?
cory tapp:
is it just me or did he lose 50 Pounds lol
jerard po:
Holy shit this guy is still so funny. How many specials has he had? and he still has it