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Luv you pops until then fly high grampa. At work bout to clock in thinking about you all the time. Time to go to work
Bobby Suttle:
enjoy his music seems he puts a lot of heart into it
Brent Edwards:
I just want to thank all the real ones who fought, died or came home to another fight on your own. To those who did and didn't make it. To the true people who built this nation only to have this nation rob you of everything including your pride and dignity. I see you in color.
Bram Lee The First
Veterans this veterans that.... ugh. Thank you to all the farmers out there who bust their ass so we can eat, all the good hard working blue collar tough ass sumbtiches who grind every day making goods and providing services we can enjoy, the truck drivers the factory workers the fire fighters AND the men and women in the service, and thank you to all the loyal and faithful couples who loved each other all the way to the end that give us hope we can have that someday too. It's about a blue collar AMERICAN as a whole, not just a veteran.
Gary Ramsey:
Artist like this Jamey Johnson and Chris Stapleton are bringing this sound back...I could listen to these guys all day..
James Lee:
if you thumbs down this song you got some serious problems
Jesse Palmer:
Jamey voice was golden velvet I just love his tone!
John Love:
After your STAND for the second you are my hero! I've always loved your music and I am currently buying everything you have. 3% my brother. thank you!
Joshua Bartley:
this is by far one of the top 5 songs I've ever heard in my life. if your able to actually sit and feel, not hear, the words and not relate to it you sir or ma'am are not American in my book... lol. hell I'll even add if you can listen to it and not damn near cry while your arms are covered in chill bumps then you don't deserve to have this song bless your ear drums... God Bless every single man and woman who felt the pride I did stepping into that uniform and giving everything for this country and To the ones who didn't make it home, you will never be forgotten and I can't wait till the day we regroup!! Sorry but this is the exact feeling this song gives me wrote out in words, I'm sure some will laugh, some will make fun of this comment but the ones that been there know exactly what the hell I'm talking about! !
Thank you Jamey Johnson for standing up for the Second Amendment.
The decency  and humbleness  of this song will keep it timeless. A far cry from the arrogant trash they try to call country now. Pop and southern rock. Being from the country and singing does not mean your a country singer....
Was brought here by the house of blues cancellation.
New fan out of principle, and taking to the music readily!
Keep up the good work Jamey!
Susan Hayes:
Only Trolls are not liking this song!!
That Random Guy:
When I grow old he is going to be like a wile Nelson or alon Jackson country legends to me
I'm listening to this 2 days before I ship out to the Army

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