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This song mimics my grandfather's life. Lived in extreme poverty through the depression, fought in WW2, married and had kids. After listening to this song it made me ashamed that I ever thought I had a rough life. I realized I never had to live through anything close to what my grandfather did, and it made me realize I should be happy his sacrifices in life have allowed me to be where I am today. He's greatest man I have ever known. This is an awesome song.
Love this song. Gives me chills
Blake XXX:
this song makes me think of my grandaddy....he was the best grandpa I coulda ever asked for....he died of cancer in 2011. He had to drop out of.school in the 6th grade to help his family work....with that 6th grade education he went on to make millions from inventions he came up with...they don't make em like that anymore
Bobby Kelsey:
5,000 dislikes? You don't appreciate good music
This song always reminds me of my grandpa and grandpa . William and Naomi. They taught me so much and I miss them so. But, I know I will see them one day. <3
Dakota Ranger:
this is what country music should be, not the new "country"
David Bigcountry Wardlaw:
David Bigcountry Wardlaw, Bigcountry said that people who come on and talk about there life doing. I'm glad to see yall are here. I am grateful for your support and sharing with us. I will not set here and let people talk junk about Bigcountry people who are on expressing there like of a song are what they in joy about the songs. I will not watch all this f words are any person who are in joying the songs and are related to the songs are moor thin welcome. I will not let people talk about the people who are having a great time are maybe dealing with something inportant to them. This is what we do. if you are are causing trouble for my people are making fun of them. I don't wont you on this site. if someone reports a problem with someone talking trash about them, you will be blessed right off here. I have been reading the stuff people are going through some one is talking with f word are ,and there are some that are saying bad back to you. they are really just taking up for them self. who ever is talking dirty and don't have respect for people stay off here. we will forget that this is going on. I am asking please don't disrespect my people. ok David Bigcountry Wardlaw, Bigcountryonlineproductsangoolelplaystore
Holli Mccarver:
I absolutely love this song.. it's even better in person... love it!!
John Stokes:
this what real country is ! I don't have to say I'm country ,I'm known as Rooster my driveway is quarter mile long,im drinking good ol stump hole smoking My green !
Jonathan Schofield:
Jamie Johnson and Chris Stapleton really made some of the best songs ive ever heard. i cant play it loud enough, ever.
Jonathan Strohm:
Shoot I will always remember this wan from Alabama had me to listen to this and even though I had heard it way back it seemed some much better while her and I was listening that night. Miss you L hope things all going your way girl.
this was played at my best grandpas 80 year old birthday that was 2 years ago, time flys! miss that ):
the tears are just pouring down my face.
They call me squints:
Cheers boys🍻 to the good days!
tina pickerell:
my grand father was born in 1923 and he survived the deperrsion nand ww2 love this song

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