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I wish we were still in the days where pictures were black and white Cause then we didn't have all this political bullshit goin on and we were able to do alot more like or comment if you agree with me
Annabeth Chase:
I wish I could give this song a million loves instead of likes!❤️❤️
Don Hatton:
is there really no adds on the front of this video,,, Awesome!!! Kudos!!!!
Emily Bunnell:
im 12 and i have been listening to this song for as long as i can remember and it will always be my #1 song i love it so much why aren't most songs like this
Ian Hernandez:
This song is truly one of the most artistically written, and most beautiful I have ever heard. I know that it's a new generation song, but trust me when I tell you I have heard stuff going all the way back to the 20s, and this is one of the greatest country songs of all time. I am a musician myself, and I truly wish I could've written such a masterpiece.
Jennifer Cormier:
love me some Jamey Johnston!!!!
Jerry Cavanaugh:
my dad comment suicide, by mixing pest control of orthro I don't know if that's the way you spell it but he mixed it with whiskey and his brother watch him do it, wow 57 years old and he done it, I was 17 years old, he lived with charcoal in his body to stop the spreading didn't work he died 9 days later, love them while you got them, and every time I hear this song I remember him and tears come to my eyes, GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Jim Butler:
This song is simply amazing. George sang about who's gonna fill their shoes. Jamey certainly fills them. Few others even come close.
LIT Litten:
I want to know why anybody would dislike this
Michael Farmer:
This country music...period!! Everybody listen up. Don't hear much of of it any more.
June 6 1944 How did they hit those beaches. I am a Vet but I still think that generation saved the World. I was proud to have the opportunity to do my part. Remember them people. Remember and Thank Them
Tyler Ashby:
Broke the replay button…
Great song and hits you deep
My grandpa just passed away, this video reminds me of him so much. He was just 15 years old when he joined the Ohio National Guard in 1936 with his older brother Eugene, after 3 years he moved over to the US Army until 1945 where he served beside he brother in the Pacific in WWII, then went on to Air Force until 1953. He met my grandmother and 2 weeks later proposed to her, two weeks later they were married. He held her hand through her death in 2006.....was the love of his life! I wish I knew Jamey Johnson, I would ask him to sing this at my grandpa's funeral this Saturday.
svarteper pus:
How much man must a man be...before he can call himself a man??
to the 7k who disliked this song apparetly u have no taste

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