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This song always gives me chills
Axeman Blacksmithing:
Whenever I hear this song I always think of my grandpa. He grew up in the dust bowl in Texas during the depression, was a bomber mechanic in the USAAC. Worked on B-17 s and B29s. Flew as a flight engineer for Howard Hughes. Miss him every day
Bustin' Bass:
Lane West, if you’re reading this. Your taste in music is complete ass
Carlos Vieira:
That's the story of my life...right there in black and white.
Dannys_pimpmomma Foreva:
Who don’t love this song, Jamie Johnson great song
Dark Horse 3/5:
Take notes kids...this is REAL country music
Deb Blevins:
Not many of these times will be recovered. Recognize people please. These times were real.!
Dixie Farmer:
Great song, I wish I talked to my Grandad more when I was young
Dustin Stokes:
For the people that disrespect this country by not standing for the national anthem, doing shitty things to the flag, etc. just remember there are people over seas putting there life on the line for you. Fighting to protect people that aren't worth protecting. For you basketball, football players not wanting to stand for the anthem, go to some 3rd world country and not stand for there anthem and see what happens to you.
Jake Carhart:
At least he's trying to keep country country not like the pop country now a days
Jerad Hancock:
My great grand pa was captured by Germans and and broke all by his self and took on half the prison by his self and my other great grandfather want in the war when he was fifteen in 1945 and caught in the passific thousand miles off California coast rip both of ya
Kristin Unglesbee:
When they get to the grandpa at the last verse 😭😭 ugly cry....
Layla Thompson24849:
My dad keep making me put this song on and I'm tired of it!!😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡🤣🤣🤣🤣
Love this song. Love your voice and style
Guy has an absolute Bitchen voice. Just rocks on a good stereo 🤙🏼

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