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Charles Jamieson:
This song reminds me so much of my Grandfather. although he never served for the great country of Canada. he always had such great stories over the years. I was proud to call him my grandfather. he just passed away in January of this year. I cry now everytime I hear this song.

RIP Wilfred Oliver Jamieson
June 21, 1912 - January 22, 2017.

yes he was almost 105 years old.
Who are the 9 k brain dead people who don’t know good music ?
Jay Braddock:
the new country music is not what I grew up to hearing. but the people didn't grow up the way I did. I respect the men and women that faught for our country and I would gladly lay down my life for them any day any time any place and anywhere. and if you would not do that for them the way they had done for you. then you don't belong here in the greatest country in the world. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!!!!! SO GET YOUR ASS OUT!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Pierce:
jamey johnson is a Marine...what a way to pay tribute to The greatest generation...
NCRackem AndStackem:
Hands down one of the best ever
Noah JJ:
9k dislikes, So much disrespect go to hell you f***s.
Ralph Herman:
Bow head for the Vietnam dead ................
Robert Benson:
God bless those who never touched a gun we might of been a lots worse god have mercy on our souls
Steven Chynoweth:
They NEED to bring back these kind of sangs i mean i love them and i think ur a very very good singer😢🖒👏❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙
Terry Swindle:
As I listen to this fabulous toon I can't help from thinking of all the greatest memories. I think of me sitting with my grandparents and going through there albums of the black n white photos of them from the time they first got married n up to the day my grandpa past away. Those memories are n will be cherished forever. I Miss You Both so dearly. If only I had just one more time to sit n talk with my grandma. Love y'all
Willard Atteberry:
This song makes me think of my grandparents .I remember Everytime grandma pulled out those old photos in black in white . Love this song future country music legend for sure
Zach Willingham:
This song brings me back way back when I was just a kid and my best buddy was right there by my side singing this with me while we were fishing and camping. Man what happened to those days
devin johnson:
This was my uncle's favorite song and now he is dead so awesome memory
Thank you for incorporating, acknowledging American history in such personal way
rocky rooo:
This reminds me of the people who raised me MY grandpa and grandma. They where part of the greatest generation. It is sad that America cant be like this again. There is so much hate now days.

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