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Alcy Price:
I lost my grandfathers in '04 that were in WWII and every day thank to god that he mde good people to make this country free.
Brian Serra:
This song.. this song gets me every time.. I never met either of my grandpa's so all I've had to go on are pictures and stories from my mom and dad.. one day I hope to meet them and just talk to them.. I hope they're proud of me..
Bubba Outdoors:
This is way better than that stuped pop music hell yeah and im a girl
Christian Berry:
I don't really like this kind of music, but when I was a kid my mom played it loud as shit every night and got it stuck in my head. I love this song. And everytime I hear it I think of her. Makes me miss her more and more
David Davis:
I ask my grandfather about joining the arm forces an it was one of the most serious talk we ever had he told me that I was grown but he felt like he had done enough fighting for his whole family. Medic. In ww2 I know where you are coming from with your grandpa. Thanks to all of are grandpa ‘s an grandma ‘s . God bless America.
Damn he has gained like 100lbs since this song.
Joseph Mcclure:
My great uncle Terry just passed away last night and he was in World War II . Great song. he was born in 1922 or 23
Lorretta Williams:
It's great that these singers are bringing back Country!!
MSB Lagrange:
My grandpa lived on a small cotton farm in the Delta with 16 brothers and sisters.The Alzheimer's is starting to kick in, and it's hard to see someone lose their memories. Love you Paw Paw.
Matt Ryan:
GREAT SONG, I dedicate this song to my GRANDFATHER who was a WWII vet, he fought in the BATTLE OF THE BULGE!!! He was in the SEVENTH ARMORED DIVISION UNDER PATTON!!!! HE DROVE A TANK!!! He was a HELL OF A MAN!!! THIS SONG REMINDS ME OF HIM!!!!
Sean Downey:
Where did music go?
This right here just takes you away..
Seccesh Reb:
God bless our confederate veterans
Susan Megargle:
my great poppop was in ww2 and he reminds me of this song and this song reminds me of him
Wayne Robinson:
And they won't play him on radio fuck them
amanda peterson:
he was amazing live here in sioux falls SD

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