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Adam Barshney:
my great uncle would sing this all day. he passed away the same day his
sister (my grandma) did, 7 years later
Big Red Turd:
This Song still gets me every time, right in the feels reminds me of
sitting in my Grandmas kitchen listening to her talk about her life while
she cooked.
I was gonna say something about it seemed like he was mumbling, but if you
look at some of his live videos, that's just his singing style.^_^
Few Good:
This is country way should.be... I'd like went slowly heart felt loving and
sorry,scary and it's like faster into being R&B. Sad. Love for this kind
come back
Heather Shannon:
if you don't like this song then u don't know what good music is
Jake Giffin:
thats the story of my life....right there in black and white
Jeanie Moreno:
My grandpa Desi fought in ww2 I never met a man so awesome, its been 22
yrs.since he passed and at times it still hurts like it was yesterday.
Thank you to all who fought for our freedom and to all whom are still
Logan Victoria Wright:
my sister, 11 years of age at the time, sang this song at my fathers
funeral. it was his favorite song, i remember him jamming it as loud as
possible. today makes a 2 year anniversary of his passing. and i play this
song, now, in rememberance of him...and his greatness for all he was.
Misty Dobbins:
love this song we played at my cousin funeral he was a father of five/
son/brother/ cousin/ friend always smile never met a stranger we will
always miss and love you bubba you are in our hearts forever Leon
9/8/77-12/7/2015 to young but God good dies young
fire channel:
this song was on in the car when we went to pick up my cusin from football
practice i would go just to listen to this song
joachim ruhmor:
A true American song.... Nearly all of us can relate to it.... relatives,
someone we know or knew
michael mcdaniel:
didn't realize that this was his song reminds of the stories that were told
about my grandfather he grew up poor in the slums in the road side shacks
osama obama:
me and my grand daddy. always bugged him all the time, wanting to hear his
stories. never said much about WWII but always bitched about the turkey
they were going to kill in the basement but wound up getting loose and
running wild in the house. lol
walter simpson:
this song reminds me of my grampa that served in ww2 and was left for dead
but to tough to die like that!
Владимир-сын путина- Пост:
That voice 😲.. Simply amazing

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