Jamey Johnson - In Color

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Chad Wenske:
Besides saying such a song of such magnatude of meaning, I got no other words....
Charlie Abbot:
Grandpa Preston died when I was 8. Some 40 years ago. Missing s finger, bought me my first Red Ryder bb gun. I drove to Freer Texas, one cemetery in town, took the first right, his headstone was in the right. Left him a note thanking him for being my best friend. This song is perfect.
Chase Elizalde:
Song reminds me of my great grandpa. 97 years old and still doing for himself! I will be FOREVER grateful for him and his generation. He was a bombardier in WW2. Easily the best man I’ve ever had the chance to know.
Danny Mills:
Great' songs i can play tthem all night and sleep like a baby.
Jack Hiatt:
this song came out in 2008 , so its not that old
Jarrod Lonidier:
My wife and I danced to this at our wedding, our pics are black and white . My brother was my best man, yes we have colored pics to and it was at my grandparents house.
Rachel Buchanan:
i love this song it means a lot to me
Shawn Jarman:
Just WOW, love this song, wish the radio would play it multi times a day
Shawntae Roper:
F you have 3egyebyr5fbtrvrgcergyfhufvydbbdudhyevydgfrvurgyrvievyrvifftrbjvxyyrvyfevhf u this weekend and I don't want to do it for you to be a great time at the end of the day I will be there for you guys doing anything for the next time we got the best for me to go to the hospital with my family is in a while ago but I don't want you to be in the morning so far so I have to be a
The Viking:
It sure puts things in perspective from days past. What a great song!
Timothy Tipton:
I want to say I have blue gray eyes and trusts me one day the pack well make it one more time. love this song
biobele william-west:
This country song got a grunge feel to it ....thanks Ben Snead Whoever you are
ironickey 101:
I could listen to this song for hours everytime I listen to it there is a new meaning
kennith Campbell:
I have been listening to this song since I was 3🤪😜😝😛😋
ronnie akers:
best song you will ever hear !!!!

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