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We used this song in the video we made for Grandpa's funeral! This will hold special meaning to me!
Aaron Thomas:
This song holds a special place in my heart because it was the song that was playing when I had my first kiss
Andrew Estes:
This reminds me of my grandpa, born in '38, served in the military in the U.S Air Force and loved my grandma to death. He told me many stories of himself when he was younger. R.I.P Grandpa
that line about the high school teacher from New Orleans gives me chills every time I hear it
Francis Herring:
I normally can't stand country music but this is a good one.
Greg Umurika:
This song gives me chills! I think alot of people can relate!
Harrison Funderburk:
Make country music great again start by listening to this song
Jamie Martin:
we were just a couple of kids trying to save each other...ur awsome
Kyle Lewis:
good song listen to it every night
Laura Fahnestock:
A picture is worth a thousand words. Just by looking at a picture, we can tell a lot about something. And this song is amazing! I have heard many country songs and this one is by far one of my favorites!
Paul Slaughter:
From 7:40 To Today;
Will Always Love This Video The Same.
Using this song with the photo memories for my dad's memorial service. He served in the Air Force during Vietnam, between that, how he and my mom managed to be a couple of young newlyweds separated by half the world in the late 60's, and raising my older sister in the process.....so many memories. Being by his side when he passed away in the hospital was hard, but looking through the photos is just as equally if not more heartbreaking......
this is one of my favorite country song ever this is true country music
joe momma:
They really were the greatest generation. This song is so relate able, it's basically the exact life story of both of my grandfathers.
I love this song I am 11 and the only person in my grade to listen to old country which is great

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