2017 FBU All-American Game : MOST TALENTED 8th grade football players!!!

>>PassportplayasTV>>2017 FBU All-American Game : MOST TALENTED 8th grade football players!!!
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Cenzo Senerchia:
These kids celebrate way too much
Chapter Los:
Lol then why ain't I in it πŸ˜‚
Dope Boi:
#1 and #2 and maybe #12 are pretty tough. And #7.
Elite Rage:
they also have one for kids who aren't fucking meat heads.
When I was in 8th grade I played at least three kids better than a majority of these kids. And my school is a division 3 school in Ohio. These kids are just a bunch of rich kids.
GenNexXt Scouting The Blueprint:
naw some of them are talented 8th graders. their mixed with kids who can afford the high Fbu tab
Isaiah Byrd:
Let's see if they do sum in high school
Jacob Loughman:
man for 8th graders there ego is huge
Jared Sanchez:
These kids are too cocky . They act like they're in the big league already and they're not . Tuck in those damn jerseys .
Jimmy Trilla:
If you play in this you have a really great chance of making NFL
Juwad Ravenel:
2:03 sexiest play i ever seenπŸ’¦
KevinCummings Fitness:
Wearing the same colors? That would suck
Lincoln Holland:
fbu is over rated on the line they really have no talent they just found some big kids a played them
Ty romir:
#7 Ain't no running back what in the actual hell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Tyson Bower:
Damm the way he left number 27 hanging at 2:20


The 2017 FBU All-American Game has assembled the MOST TALENTED 8th grade football players for one game. National Prep Stars on PassportplayasTV