Cassius Stanley DUNKS From Step Inside FREETHROW Line! HW vs Loyola Full Highlights!

>>Ballislife West>>Cassius Stanley DUNKS From Step Inside FREETHROW Line! HW vs Loyola Full Highlights!
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123 123:
This team recruits kids that look like they were held back 10 years
Ballislife West:
The freethrow dunk starts at 4:19
Beezy Talking Shit:
More like 2-3 steps in but still imressive!
Brandon S:
No.1 on Harvard looks like a midget Devin booker. Lol
I can't respect this team, they got way too many players on their team, who are older than their grade
Charles Campbell:
Can everyone please go subscribe to my channel. I'm just a kid trying to get noticed playing basketball.🙏💯
he started looking at the rim near the three point line knowing he was going to jam it already
Jesse Madrid:
if I'm not mistaken, cassius transferred from loyola to HW.
Jose Reyes:
I'll ball this nigga up bro haha
Jump man Jumpman:
Holy fuck I swear he gets up higher than lavine, with two hands too and still a foot and half above the rim
caleb sampson:
Go watch my mixtape just type my name on YouTube
#34 needs a vertical program bad...dude had 3 chances for drop step dunks and just laid them all in guy looks at least 6'8 hope he is young at least.

    Here are full highlights of the game between Harvard Westlake and Loyola. Cassius Stanley put down some big dunks including one where he took off from a step inside the freethrow line.