My little girl - Tim McGraw

>>sara81970>>My little girl - Tim McGraw
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I haven't seen my dad since my 3 birthday when he left on my birthday. When I heard this song I started to cry. *Crys eyes out and stops* It made me think of him *Starts to cry again and can't stop*.
Bella Raven satle. bak:
I miss my dad I need you but your gon please come back please please
Ellarose Joy:
This will be my daddy daughter song at my wedding.
Faith Shoults:
Let me tell u something my dad got devorst with my mother I live with my mother now and my dad every time he gets a new girlfreind he forgets about me and my 16year old brother in 😭 right now just hearing this song he doesent care about me no more and I still love him its just the way everytime he gets a girlfriend its like he forgets about me I don't like how he's doing this to me I hate in every bone in my body I don't like it good for some of u guys that have a father that apreciats u and cares and loves u
Harrison Wilson:
I miss you dad come home please so we can play game with each other
Irene Almaguer:
This is the. Song my dad dedicated. When I was born
R. I. P.
Jessica Burk:
this song makes me appreciate my dad even more he's a real man!!! thanks for always being there for me dad I love you so muchhhh!!!!❤❤❤❤😭
Jimmy Alamo:
To. My lil my girl cecelia.bx..from ur dad jimbo .bx..n.w.o.. This is our song. I will always be there u.. I just want to know ur dad love you with my heart. Thx u god that we have a great bond something i wish have i with ur brothers... I have made alot of mistake in my life...u goin made mistake in ur life cecelia that part of life .. We live n learn.. ..U make me a better dad. I had learn alot from u how 2 BE a great dad....THX U LORD FOR MY DAUGHTER CECELIA AKA MY SUPERSTAR . DADDY LOVE YOU.. CECELIA ALAMO. THIS OUR SONG 4 LIFE. DADDY SUPERSTAR..
John Gonzales:
i love you NicoleMarie you will always be daddy's little girl!!! 13months today
Rebel boi:
my little girl Gracie is all grown up and just got married last week I wish I could hold u baby girl
Rich Prater:
The family tree gets a little thin , that's what happens when u get older, miss them.😑😑
Richard Stubbs:
I have a little girl and she is a daddy's girl she tells me all the time she says I am your girl daddy and always will be and it makes me cry
Shanekwa Isaac:
Had hard times with my dad... But deep down inside of me.. I love my dad very much and i hate to admit that.. Sure i dont see my dad anymore but i love him
Steven Sawyer:
i lost my daughter during her birth i love this song
pia mia:
I m so sorry for your lost god please bless you and hers family

    This song is amazing and beautiful in every way possible ....
My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me, thank you Dad.