My little girl - Tim McGraw

>>sara81970>>My little girl - Tim McGraw
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Brandon McBride:
Went to a father daughter dance tonight. It was the first one Ive took my girls to 10 5 and 4 but sure won't be the last. Me and my 4 yr old danced most the night she loves to dance and sing along to music. My 5 yr old danced a few but was more into playing. My 10yr old was hanging out with friends most the night but we got 4 or 5 dances in. This song was the second one we danced to and it melted my hart when she pulled me closer and put her head on my chest I think she teared up a lil. It ment the world I dont get much time with my 10yr old just one weekend a month and 1 month out of the summer and every other holiday. But I learned to night to cherish what lil time I get even more. They grow up to fast.
Brandon Walls:
Am thinking about my girls daddy love y'all so much
Clarence James:
I love my little girl more than life only hope u fulfill all your dreams and always know daddy loves u more than life itself hope you’ll always know that baby girl!
Fielicia Stowe:
My dad is the best and my brother died when he was a baby and how I know my parents told me and I was soo upset and he is in a good place now with the rest of my family and hope y’all have good family members in heaven and alive but r.i.p my brother named Jordan
Hannah Mae Barot:
my parents got seperated when I was little.. but this song perfectly match for my husband to our daughter 💟
Kim Hood:
I love this song from SC country girl ya
Lynne Gilmour:
Isn't this song just beautiful? I dont have a dad and i dont have a daughter but i love this song. If i had a girl i would have picked this song for her. I was blessed with two sons x
Maria Garcia:
Missing my Dad..n step dad..they both did an awesome job taking care of us while they were here on earth.. Miss them both R.i.p.♥😢
Mary Crumb:
This is to my best friends babygirl who just passed away on Sunday night 4-15-18 she was a stilborn r.i.p. jaylynn marie Guernsey we miss and love you 😢💜
Maya buttercup blue:
I miss my dad.. throughout the years he was always there for me.. My mom never was in my life that much she was always out partying drinking and hooking up with other men.. My dad knew about the cheating when we showed him the msgs on her phone.. he didn't care he didn't want her to get custody of us.. But sadly when they finally separated she did.. I was supposed to go to court and choose who I get 2 live with i never went I asked my dad why I didn't get 2 go to court my dad looked at me very confused and told me that my mom said I was sick and that I wanted to live with her but I didn't 😢 I was 8 years old when this all happened I'm 16 now I still live with my mom and I've become suicidal because of her she always tells me I'm pathetic and a selfish bitch she calls me names every day she used to hit me everyday but the hitting stopped when I told my dad and she went to court for it sadly she convinced the judges he was trying to make a excuse for me to live with him but at least the hitting stopped.. now she just calls me names and no matter how much I tell the cops that I want to live with my dad they think I'm brain washed and won't listen to me idk what 2 do please help😢
Reese Tube:
This song holds a deep deep place in my heart and I give my heart out to y’all if ur daddy’s gone or ur daughters gone I love my daddy so much and how much I love him God blesses me with an amazing and wonderful father
Skyler Nelson:
Lost my babygirl a month ago. I’ll now never get to know the feeling.
bb ls:
Love you daddy ❤️❤️ hope I see you someday
sammy Williams:
Rest in peace daddy Fredrick Allen Williams Sr August 14 2015 is the day he went to go be with god in the gates of Paradise
unkn0wn sparks:
i love my dad unconditionally and i cant even imagine life without him tbh,please,never leave me,ever ilysm daddy

    This song is amazing and beautiful in every way possible ....
My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me, thank you Dad.