My little girl - Tim McGraw

>>sara81970>>My little girl - Tim McGraw
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Amanda Moore:
My Dad sang this to me once, it was the most precious thing!!! #loveyou2Daddy #daddysgirls
Christopher Lafogg:
D M:
This song goes out to my beautiful daughters.. K.M&L.R you are my best friends, my saviour, my teachers. My heart is home thanks to you. XX
I see my dad every other weekend. It's not a lot, but it's special and I always look forward to it.
Hannah Armstrong:
2017 and still so in love with this song
this one gets me cryin everytime😢😢😭😭
Joe White:
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John Smith:
This song means so much too me I love my little girl more then anything in this world it hurts my soul so much when I can't do for her cause my pay check is short I lost my 07/27/2010 my little girl was born 12/17/15 my 26th birthday that day changed my life forever I still miss my mom but it don't hurt as bad anymore and I got a son due too be born any time and I already love him so much too
Karen 000:
This song brings back memories of my late daughter who passed in September of 2010. She was alway close to her dad. I call him her dad because her biological father didn't want nothing to do with her. And when I met my late husband he had taken her in as his own daughter which I am very grateful for. And this song brings memories back to me about my late daughter and late husband. Now they are together in the creators world together once again. Love you Skyler and my love Phil. They were close together like two peas in a pod. ❤❤😭😞
Lindsey Day:
this song is my dad and mine song and i alwas miss him wen i go to school or wen im with my mom i feel like i am missing a vary inportoint part of me
Nicole Murpgy:
You you know growing up with our a father as a child was very sad. And even sadder my daughter is growing up with our her biological dad but has a wonderful step farther that is there with her every move she make and take wonderful care of not only my daughter but also my two sons he is more of a dad to my children then the biological dad I am glad God sent him to us when he did.. we love you Tony Dewayne cassada
Steve Sadlier:
this is a great song i sent it on facebook for my daughter she loved it
Tom Clemens:
I will be dancing with my daughter in May 2017 at her wedding to this song.   I'm already emotional when I listen to this song.  I can't imagine how emotional it will be on her special day....  Love you Ash!!
im litgit crying now i love this song it has so much meaning to me and my dad
purple panther24:
my dad sent me a link to this song. at first I didn't know till I saw and heard it. I cried. me and him have had some rough times. but having him send me this song is so emotional. and I recently got the news that he's on the verge of diabetes. which makes me even more sad. I'm gonna keep my hopes up and love him so much

    This song is amazing and beautiful in every way possible ....
My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me, thank you Dad.