My little girl - Tim McGraw

>>sara81970>>My little girl - Tim McGraw
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Adrionna Brown:
This song makes me cry every time
Barbara Smith:
when I listened to this song. I sat here think of my Daughter and how fast you have grown.
Chevy Crawford:
This us mine and my grandpas dad is a herion adict and hes ruined my life so much....this song always makes me cry so much bc i wish that wr had this...but it also makrs me soo happy that i have my grandpa.
I love u sooo much grandpa
Daniel Winfrey:
My daughter played this at her wedding as she danced with me. I love you Brittany.
DeeOneNoOne Savages:
my step sister in law use this song for her wedding, i don't think dad was crying but she was
Eyvette Phillips-Cano:
Rest in peace to Sarah Ann williams
Felicia Sullivan:
My dad left when i was 5 i am 12 now and i cry everytime i hear this song i miss him so much and i wish he would have been smart qnd didn't become a drug addict so he could still be hear to sing me to sleep with song again ❤❤❤❤😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤❤
Janet McCorkle:
Me and my daddy is going to dance this song at my wedding
Jayden Full:
my dad listen to this song he would sing it to me ever night before I went to bed when I was Little 😘😘😍
Kenneth Hirlinger:
A real tear jerker, but an unforgettable gift for your daughter! Don’t take the girl was an all time TJ though!
McKenzie Tallentire:
This brought tears to my eyes. I'm more of a daddy's little girl than I realized, and I want to play this at my wedding to dance with him. I love you, daddy, so much more than you'll ever know.❤
Megz Crafts:
I miss you dad 12-15-17 i will always be your little girl
Mike Collier:
This is my dad favorite song and he sang it to me when I was a baby
adventuring Bri bri:
When I was born my dad gave me this song than he went to jail. I grew up by myself without my dad
blackmatter sonic:
I miss you daddy so much I want to see you you are my favorite I an m crying I want my dad so bad sadness

    This song is amazing and beautiful in every way possible ....
My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me, thank you Dad.