Trevor Dunbar PASSES THE TORCH To 5'8 PG Darrion Trammell, Performs On BIG TIME STAGE! BRUCE MAHONEY

>>WhoGotNext>>Trevor Dunbar PASSES THE TORCH To 5'8 PG Darrion Trammell, Performs On BIG TIME STAGE! BRUCE MAHONEY
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Amir Clato-Day:
Yo George how's Romello Dunbar doing? We haven't heard about him in years
Best true point guard in California
Blake Green:
Why did Trevor leave NCAA? Will he ever go back?
Boom Pow:
aye gotta be the first to show love
Dkm Dkm:
1:41 and 1:58 one more of those layups and he woulda been apart of JellyFam
Drones and Sneakers:
funny how trevors little brother was guarding him
Marco Willians:
make D1 n stay w/ it! don't quit like Trevor Dunbar
Nelson Wu:
He passed the torch to this guy before he passed it to romello 😂
I wonder what poppa shift team and Romelo are up to?
Shift Team vs Jellyfam who wins?
Xavier Mcfield:
Guess melo didn't live up to the hype then???
caleb sampson:
Go watch my mixtape just type my name on YouTube
Trevor Dunbar don't hoop no more?
Is that Trevor Dunbar or chance the rapper?

    Darrion Trammell 5'8 Junior attends Saint Ignatius College Prep, CA
(Yes, Trevor Dunbar's old HS)
The kid performed on one of the biggest stages in HS basketball...
Darrion Trammell is going to blow up & we're excited to see how it pans out for the young fella! Stay tuned.

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George Nguyen

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