Top 20 Best Fights Players vs Referees in Football History

>>Cernobrov Ion>>Top 20 Best Fights Players vs Referees in Football History
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Ahmad el sayed Kotp:
nice job ..., but I think the arrangment would be better
Alex Lima:
I would be the fuck out of the player
Bintang Ksatria:
If you are the referees you better study karate or taekondo or ufc
Huh, most of them are black. Not being racist, just pointing out the facts.
Chibuzo Ozumba:
could it be there are no standard rules and punishments for such violations, why would such reoccur severally
Debelle Kamanya:
if the player fight / beat a referee he hve to be suspended from playing soccer
Earth O' Pedia:
i am not a football fan or viewer, but i always come to watch these types of videos just to see how uncivilized and barbaric football players are XD.
Metin Örcüm:
Who is that stupid player on 17? Referee touches him, he goes down and he expects from another referee to show red card i believe:)
Mohammed Nazmul:
Can you pls tell me the name of the track u was playing lately in this video ? I mean the name of the last track in this video ... pls someone help me :( 😭😭😭😭😭😭
this is why soccer should be banned in all world!
Tobi Oduntan:
The referee in #3 took that kick like a boss.
YouTube Account:
Hurr Duhrr imma dirty foreigner... imma kick you DurrrrHurrr
finster wizard:
Refs think they run the game but if u are too bossy this is what happens
piyush sharma:
they should hire ninjas for referee.
tanuj sharma:
@ 6:54 the refree got some strong legs man..

    (+18) Top 20 Players vs Referees Best Fights in Football History
Top 20 Best Fights Players vs Referees in Football History