Country Roads - John Denver (Take Me Home, West Virginia)

>>lnoseda>>Country Roads - John Denver (Take Me Home, West Virginia)
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In my younger years I spent a lot of time away from WV while in the military. Listening to this would make me horribly homesick. Still love my home state. Live in central Virginia because that's where the job is. It has mountains and is nice, but I still love to go home and visit. My family has been in the area of the small town I grew up in since before the turn of the century...the 18th century. Old family grave yards with deceased dates in 1705-1710.
Aaron northcutt:
It's about Western Virginia, not the state West Virginia.
Alec Christy:
Half the people talking about my home state and the other half is here cause of Frankie lol
Alli flower:
if you don't like this your weird
I absolutely love Taffy Danoff's sweet, sweet backing vocals.
Doesn't really matter "where" in the country , just listening to John brings back a lot of memories!! Growing up on the farm you listened to country music and John was one of them.
p.s.- I'm from CANADA!!!
Brenna Hinerman:
I love West Virginia! I will live here till I die. Most may love West Virginia and not live here. Well you should move here. It's amazing. We've got room.
David D'Anna:
I can't wait to take y Wife to my Brothers home...
country roads.. take me home.. to the place... i belong.
Ian Evans:
The 4 seasons of West Virginia winter,June,July, and August
Frankie on pc sent me he says thanks for tractor music
Simon Richard:
Got here from Frankie's DayZ video
Im here 'cause of Forever Country. Anyone else?
all the veiws is from frankie lmao!!
V Productions:
West Virginia , my favorite place on this Planet. Im living in Germany but im not happy. I want to live West Virginia .... its so beautiful

    It's amazing that this video got 4 million views, you can see the power that John Denver's music still has after all these years.....I made this video in honor of the great John Denver, and for who loves this song like me. Take me home, Country Roads.

Now with lyrics available as subtitles