Country Roads - John Denver (Take Me Home, West Virginia)

>>lnoseda>>Country Roads - John Denver (Take Me Home, West Virginia)
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Chris P:
Almost 20 years ago he died on my birthday Oct 12 when I turned 20.. Where has the time gone.
Dave Clemons:
I miss my dad also we are both from wv miss it to
Dragonfruit Inc.:
Ummm I saw the Alien covenant ad and it had song so I came here
Gabriel Camacho:
I came here because of Andy and Dwight from The Office Lol
Gabriel Dumont:
Alien Covenant trailer bring me here !!!!!
Indrajit Das:
Wooooow really you sang this! It is waayyy good
Invisible Moniker:
I was brought here by my travels to this lovely state :P
I'm here because of Frankie but I grew up in Fairmont, WV.
Jeff Swan:
Logan Lucky is where I discovered this great tune
Merea Norman:
No hurricanes earthquakes in West Virginia no tornadoes no floods
Mitch Sup:
This song makes me feel proud to be from West Virginia, and I'm from Europe
Nathan Campbell:
I'm Scottish and half American I like this song becuase it's so American🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ronald Higgins:
Not a country boy, but this was always a beautiful song. And Denver exemplified a unique part of Americana in singing it.
alien covenant brought me here. man was that movie disappointing.
I remember going on Appalachia Service Project and we did this song at our base. Our base was in a valley between a few mountains. I literally can't think of a better place to have sung this song. It was so perfect.

    It's amazing that this video got 4 million views, you can see the power that John Denver's music still has after all these years.....I made this video in honor of the great John Denver, and for who loves this song like me. Take me home, Country Roads.

Now with lyrics available as subtitles