Country Roads - John Denver (Take Me Home, West Virginia)

>>lnoseda>>Country Roads - John Denver (Take Me Home, West Virginia)
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Eunae Kim:
My home state of Florida has absolutely nothing in the way of hills, but I love the mountains of West Virginia (and Virginia for that matter)!
Geralt Rivia:
My love for West Virginia will never die, heaven on earth, I couldnt bring my self to leave if I wanted to.
Jonnn Doe:
Back then it was God's country. Beautiful landscape, with a beautifully sung song. Love this song also John. From Jerry Bast
Joshua Gallagher:
Sad to see the comments about a stupid video game and not the beautiful song and absolute heavenly scenery... What have we become
Lori Collins:
Great song, but geography fail. The Shenandoah River and Blue Ridge Mountains are in western Virginia, where I grew up, not in West By God Virginia.
Mr. Black:
I m at episode 12 of frankie's dayz serios. Did he found Thomas the tractor ?
Here I come Fallout, take me home
It's up to nearly 5 million views now. A beautiful representation of Wild & Wonderful West Virginia. Thank you!
Tanya Shumiloff:
Morgantown WV I love my homestate.
Tipu's Music:
My dad loves this song. I have listened to him humming this song since 1990s. He still sings this song. We came back from the hospital today, sitting in the balcony and he was singing this song and i just played this song to him. 💕 He just missed his young days. Thank you for uploading this song.
Tonatiú Saraiva:
Fallout 76. Did i miss the other 71 games?!
Fallout 76 :) I´m rdy for you west virginia.
Blue Ridge Mountains are not in West Virginia and Shenandoah River neither. It seems to me that this song is dedicated to Virginia, not to West Virginia.
mayapple 4:
People need to connect with nature.And the world could be saved.
robert dant:
this has to be one of the best produced & sung songs I've ever heard.

    It's amazing that this video got 4 million views, you can see the power that John Denver's music still has after all these years.....I made this video in honor of the great John Denver, and for who loves this song like me. Take me home, Country Roads.

Now with lyrics available as subtitles