"DC vs Marvel" | Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"DC vs Marvel" | Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry
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Aaron Dodd:
Joker riddler batman x3 those are gang member names
Atlas Nine:
But but..........kryptonite isn’t green lanterns weakness........
Dominic Cuevas:
how is Batman the best well let me put it to U this way:he does the sickest backflips BATMAN he has the coolest gadgets BATMAN he has the coolest car BATMAN he gets all the girls BATMAN and he's a billion air😎😎😎😎😎😎
Emily Smith:
3:17 I just finished watching this with my family on Netflix and we love Gabriel XD
Hutch the Husky:
DC fanboy "DC is better"!
Me "oh yeah well their super heroes suck at being in Movies **coughs** Justice league **coughs** "
Jen Mills:
Lol My husband would agree with you there, Fluffy. I am his Kryptonite. And I am a Marvel girl all the way. There are certain DC things I like, but I like Marvel more.
John Dickerson:
The best , to funny ! Anyway the punisher dude sorry!
John's The vloger:
My bucket list
1. See fluffy live
2. Make sure it’s in Florida
Kawaii Kakashii:
Matthew Pedersen:
Marvel I want to try 🍫 🍰 shake
Oscar Arce:
Dang you had me glued I forgot this was just a preview LOL what's going to cancel my Netflix not anymore
Phil Man:
Batman shows that determination can solve any problem
Rian Dickson:
I'm confused. He said December 20th. In Canada that special came out about 20 days before this video was posted
Marvel has better movies
DC has better cartoons
SpeedRacer TVG:
496 dc comics fans dislike lmao.

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