Michael Jackson, Joseph Fiennes, Timmothy Leary, LSD & Illuminati MK Ultra Mind Control

>>pocketsofthefuture>>Michael Jackson, Joseph Fiennes, Timmothy Leary, LSD & Illuminati MK Ultra Mind Control
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Carolyn Marie:
.......Sometimes you are black, sometimes you are white.....
Danny Ellis:
Weird Transmitter test that ran on all Starz channels for 50 min....very Mk Ultra Like..make viral...https://youtu.be/-m0Qdbj5HWc
Diegorivera EugenioVelazquez:
The Transgender agenda is part of what i call the destruction of the sovereign self. By destroying our own self identities , this expands the idea of what a human being is. Allowing further the agenda of transhumanism , breaking down our traditional instinctive barriers. Extremely dangerous and sinister.
Donna Gosdantian:
cary grant actually took LSD in reality why wasn't that mentioned
Eddie Gosik:
Who exsctly are... "They"?
Paranoid /Schizophrenic much?
Illuminati? Bet you belive the world is flat and only 2000 yrs old as well huh? Fucking Wackaloon!
Elijah James:
Of course they are using chemicals like LSD in mind control programs but today it's trademark is known as Prozac!
HowdyDo CowGirl:
Jesus is the Way. They try to replace Him. But, in the end, it won't end well for them. & they'll answer for the the souls they've corrupted. I hope they repent before it's too late.
Ike Uzoukwu:
I think it about the era this is not the invincible era this is not even era because Hollywood doesn't care anymore they just want money
I listen to your videos everyday! Really refreshing and good and interesting analysis always. Thanks Paul. I subbed a few months ago.
Not Impressed:
White face? Now I'm offended. Highly offended.
Parched Pinemarten:
I'm sorry... mind control? It's a television show.
Richard Wendling:
These cartoon versions are from animaniacs, pinky and the brain, and freakazoid
Ruby Torres:
I would like to say God bless to the jackson family and may God be with them always with great honor and respect
micheal wanted to be white so whats the big damnd deal! people need to lighten tf up.
best Michael Jackson ever! 😂

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