Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup (Unedited Version)

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Ashley J:
Oml I remember this from my childhood when my mom was playing it. And there goes my Dad excitedly notices Ted Nugent in the video 👌😂
Brendon Hirney:
is that eric church smoking that red solo cup?!?!
Chris Relken:
Was that Sammy Hagar near the end?
Graciela Reitz:
I dont like jail just the living! Sorry JR I couldnt open the storage bin! Thanks Bravo for the popcorn & heb coke!
Ivan Warren:
The worst part... although I've spent 45 years in France - is... I recognized Jimmy Johnson !
who's listening to this in 2017?
He sounds drunk for the whole song he had to much of what's in the red solo cup
Lydia Picarazzi:
This is probably the worst song ever made in history. The only good part is when he says "Sir you do not have a pair of testicles". This is so trash.....
Margaret Hieb:
He did not pass away today.How would you know
this song gets so stuck in your head.
Robert Montero:
Country is my life its my favorite add to my list Robert
Tae-Kwon-Do WestLake:
I like how the guy on the TV had a Red Solo Cup and a TARDIS
Yasmine Springfield:
Glee brought me here... 😆 this is a fun song
dakota avery:
He made this song on a dare.Toby has been known to make songs bout any thing so his friend dared him to make a song about a red solo cup a few weeks later this.
nightcore 1234:
I use to hate this song bow I love it

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