Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup (Unedited Version)

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Is there anything creepier than Carrot Top sleeping with a Red Solo Cup? Seriously? Indeed.
Artsy Chick:
the true definition of a stereotypical american is when your entire freshman science class starts singing the whole song, beginning to end when the teacher says to grab a solo cup for the lab
Beth Halpain:
Billy Conaway:
my fav part is when that star wars girl runs
Hailey Woods:
bruh i feel old cuz this used to be my fav song
Hardin Twentyfive:
One of my school's fraternities sang this. Instant like
Hunter Huang:
Why is this only the first time I'm hearing this?
Jacob Miller:
Red hats, red cups. Makes sense. So. Much. Trash.
Jonathan heggs:
I listened to this like 15 times in a row
Luis Rodriguez:
Roger Clemens Jeff Dunham😂😂
Misfit Paradise:
get drunk and a year later comeback to this song and laught
Patrick Snavely:
I can't afford red Solo cups, the best I can do is GREAT VALUE cup I lift you up proceed to party...
Random guy that uploads random crap:
This song is what white trash people like me would drink to don’t judge it’s good
Shane Ewing:
Oh what the hell is Sammy Hagar doing here. He’s better than this.
Tomas Moreno:
Danm even today it still goes hard

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