Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup (Unedited Version)

>>TobyKeithVEVO>>Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup (Unedited Version)
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Amber Snyder:
my favorite. song for drinking
Colleen C:
Why does this man and his band look like their chaperoning their daughters
Cy Parker Nothing (Cy):
Are there any non-white people in this video or did they hire hundreds of
extras and make sure they were all white?
Elastic Inc.:
You are not a real country person if you haven't heard this song
Eric Perryman:
Hey! If you get a chance let me know what you think of my country covers :)
Gaming With Ady:
Is Toby Keith dead or just the dude who invented the Red Solo Cup?
Gil Orms:
'The cup that cheers'. Cheers!
Hunter Brown:
wow, i watched this and the one lady was dressed as princess leia r.i.p.
carrie fisher
Joe Mcdunna:
Thank you Toby! Support Toby Keith, hes performing at Trumps inauguration,
Ive always liked him now Im gonna go out of my way to support him.
Lunar Virtue:
LOL How funny would it be if he sang THIS at Trump's inauguration? HAHA!
Raffa Acero:
I will pay for him to start singing red solo cup midway of singing the
national anthem
Zack Whitbread:
I love the fact that this song is so casual
bat prime:
If someone where made up this song 5 years back as non famous singer does
anyone think that person will be famous today? Interesting song catchy in
some parts
cody prince:
The song that made Country Music to go to shit
the most American song ever...

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