Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup (Unedited Version)

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Amelia Hoffman:
This song was my dads fav song and he died wen I was 4 and it just reminds me of him so thank you for making all my family have remembrance in this song
De Derpy Derp:
When i get drunk, this is what'll happen.
Fred Flintstone:
This piece of garbage killed a lot of young men by brainwashing them to fight bogus Jew wars. He will hang someday.
Futurama pop:
The singer looks like the voice actor of bender from futurama.
Howard Lowe:
Partying with you on Monday at the latest so we will see how it goes and if you want me fussing at the Chocktaw whier I used to work with them on my desk at the end of this month plus talk to you soon love to see you and your family.
Jamie Johnston:
I love red Solo cups and my family does too it is so cool!
Joshua Harrell:
literally right now drinking beer in a red solo cup
Katie the husky Cutie:
I remember I was like 3 i sung this
La chica del cabello azul:
Recuerdo cuando está canción estaba disponible en Tap Tap ♡
Lauren Snodgrass:
I hate this with a burning passion.🤢🤮
What the fuck. Why they did delete all the new songs of Toby Keith? What happend?
Olivia Johnson:
Smash that like button on this comment if you like RED SOLO CUP ☺️🙂🤗
i dont like country music and i dont know how i got here
T N:
I would love to party with this cat.
Well I’m gonna have some sauerkraut and some jalapeños together mixed together. And eat it

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