The Professor Insane 2018 Ankle Mix!

>>Professorlive>>The Professor Insane 2018 Ankle Mix!
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Chris Hicks:
Obviously giving him too much space, go chest to chest and check him physically. Disrupt his movement and get in his grill. Most defenders in this video had terrible fundamentals on defense.
Clowndog 07:
When you come to the Park to play some ball
D34TH R3C0N:
man every time he does his handles i'd force myself to fall down
Esteban Albert:
nice :x, this guy is playing pro? or just street? cause really good rythm
Yo At 3:51 Proffessor Looks Like He's Playing Agianst Gordan Ramsey
João Lima:
Just thinking: "elbow in the face" the whole video
Kean Gamer:
Prof where do you live i wanna study with you basket ball
not impressed.. nice moves but it doesnt look like aesthetic.. he looks lame :/
NeXus overload:
James frye challenges you to a 1v1, also he sa6s your bad
Pokey _Poem:
Hes like aiomie kun from kuroko no basket
Simeon Mandigo:
Professor never lost one on one?
Thealia fan:
We all know professor can be a NBA player
professor like eminem in a basketball world xD
The second one is my home town topeka
calm balance:
Okey.. that's it. I'm gonna buy some balls...

    Year end 2017 compilation. Happy New Year!
Plenty to come in 2018. Thank you for your continued viewership. God bless!

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