Julian Newman Amazing 11 year old athlete

>>NBA_Brazil>>Julian Newman Amazing 11 year old athlete
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Athlete (Profession)

Andrew Mapp:
This is like the best commentator ever lol
Cool Kid:
this videos comment

99 percent that's NOT JULIAN NEW MAN

1 percent Something else
Darren Vong:
That's not Julian Newman the guy even says his name in the beginning
Kaygotswag 2016:
that is definetly not julian newman
KicksOnFire 2K:
Clickbait? But not sexual...
Michael Vanderpool:
funny how u call the title Julian Newman when in the first 10 seconds it
tells u his name....
Milot Tasholli:
That's Julian Newman dumb ass
NBA kids:
no this is not Juilan Newman
Nicholas Domingo:
Julian Newman is way better than him
Phantom Knight:
That's not even Julian Newman 😂😂
Toni30 Ballers:
For all you people that read comments before watching a second of the video,

cheezy mike:
this is jashaun agosto and it says it in the beginning of the video
If he would just dedicate half the time he did this bullshit he could
become a Dr. or Lawyer or have an education second to none. In 15 years he
will be 5' 8" and working at foot locker!
nette parks:
This is not Julian Newman dum Duma
wtf thats not julian newman its jashain agosto