Gabriel Iglesias Discusses His Netflix Special, “I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry”

>>BUILD Series>>Gabriel Iglesias Discusses His Netflix Special, “I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry”
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Anthony Ritenour:
whats with all the hate for the interviewer? I just don't see it. he asks good questions, he never interrupts the guest while he's speaking and gabriel seems to be having a good time. am I missing something? and omg he has gabriel sitting on a stool? gabriel doesn't seem to have a problem with it. people act like it's the most horrible thing to see gabriel sitting on a stool. what gives?
Aurel F:
The guy who is taking the interview is an idiot.
Glad Fluffy handles things so well, because this host does not. Meh.
Car 3:
The interview was awful and nobody was even laughing at Gilbert Iglesias jokes
Chan _101:
The audience is so...plain.
Not much laughter :/
Man why does gabriel look more fluffy in this interview
Fav Bal:
BUILD SERIES You really need to not use this host again. I am surprised I was able to watch for a minute and 32 seconds. Only because of Fluffy. This host is Bad.
LEGENDARIest Legendary commentor:
The host was a piece of shit way to serious about a comedy interview and his laugh 🙄
Paula Carter:
This host is boring....def not his cup of tea!! Sorry Yu had ta deal with that fluffy...we luv Yu tho!!!
Renato Oliveira:
My down vote is for the simple reason that this interview is lacking. Gabriel Iglesias is a funny dude. He's not my favorite comedian but he's a very likable guy. Why in the world would you have him sit on a stool. It's not even just because he's big, they're uncomfortable and your guest looks uncomfortable. Your environment is sterile, your audience obviously isn't the right one for him, do you guys know what you're doing? Look at your comment section and take some constructive criticism.
Rodrigo Barreto:
i did google lied to me gabriel
This is the worst interview I have ever seen in my entire life. The interviewer didn't laugh as much as I wanted him to. The audience weren't completely obsessed with the fat guy either. They weren't gasping for air and crying and pissing their pants. The interviewer should have been sucking the fat guys dick and licking his sweaty scalp. Really awkward. I love fluffy.
jacinta north:
he got hit with all these manipulating questions but he worked so well to bring every answer on top.
Fluffy is awesome but, omg, the interviewer is the worst! Bleh!
the stone cold story is amazing xD

    Join Gabriel Iglesias when he stops by BUILD to discuss his new Netflix original, “I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry,” streaming December 20. In the special, the Hawaiian-shirt enthusiast finds laughs in racist gift baskets, Prius-driving cops and all female taco trucks. Interview at AOL HQ in NYC for BUILD Series.