Hear what Nick Saban said after Alabama's last-second loss to Clemson

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.com>>Hear what Nick Saban said after Alabama's last-second loss to Clemson
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14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left:
''''Bammie choked!!, ...are you kiddin' me?? 14-0 down the clogged trailer park outhouse?? With 1 second left ??'''''................Stephen A. Smith, ESPN
on Howard u talk trash and look what happen
Bod Roads:
soon as your little girl blows me
Charles Best:
Mr. Saban, show a lot of class.
Dan Sherman:
As an "outsider" with no strings to either school (although grew up in MI, and Nick Saban used to coach at MSU), I would say both schools have classy, very high-caliber football programs. It was Clemson's turn this year -- congratulations to them. What else is there to say?
Highlights are real:
This was the same score as the Dallas vs packers game
Jay Bee:
''''Bammie is the laughingstock of college football, Bammie lost with 1 second left on the clock'''''.........Bammie fanboys
Jim Dandy:
Nick has the money machine behind him. He is a great coach but I am not sure the best ever. He didn't win a lot a Michigan State. Ask them. Ask him about all the brand new cars his players drive.
John Roberts:
NCAA is the biggest scam in America ran by rednecks
Moo WWs:
One thing is damn sure, Alabama will win the championship next year EASY. Hurts was a freshman and will be back bigger and better. You might as well give them the title now.
at the end of the day nick sabban is a millionare. he fucking doesnt care. player get fucked and get free swaheeli classes that don't do shit. lol sad.
Rob Roy:
OJ and Allen were like..wtf do you want us to say? The best part of all of that for them was "thank you both". I'm sure they were going...thank you Jesus!
My friend bet me $50 I can't get 1,000 subscribers tonight, help me prove him wrong
Urban 'Heart Attack' Meyer:
"You mean to tell me we couldn't score no points!"

- Ohio State Athletic Director
no credit to Clemson... Go fuck yourself Saban. whatever

    Nick Saban spoke to the media after Alabama's last-second loss to Clemson in his post-game press conference, answering a number of questions and expressing his feelings after the difficult loss.

Watch the video above to hear what the Tide's coach felt was the difference in the game, the challenges of changing offensive coordinators, including how the players handled the switch from Lane Kiffin to Steve Sarkesian, how he felt his team played overall, and more.