Hear what Nick Saban said after Alabama's last-second loss to Clemson

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.com>>Hear what Nick Saban said after Alabama's last-second loss to Clemson
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14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left:
''''what i need to do, is recruit guys who won't choke with 1 second left in the season'''

.........-Nick Saban at the Clemson post game interview
Bobblehead Woody:
Jeez, kinda sounds like a canned speech from Jan 1st 2015
CandyLover500 islit:
F*ck Clemson they're not going to be good next year they're only going that Cinderella team! Alabama should've won that game I'm still mad we won 26 straight before that game and we blew it! Oh and Screw DeShawn Watson I hope he does shit in the NFL and go to the horrible Jets!
Ding Ding:
Hell nah clemson didn't have deon caine, mike Williams, shaq Lawson, Mackenzie Alexander, all of our players were gone screw bo
Man, Coach Saban took that loss hard. He became a quiet black guy to hide the shame.
Elite Scout:
Nick Saban is a shitty coach. He has the ABSOLUTE BEST players EVERY YEAR and he FAILS them. Alabama has the MOST TALENT in the world!!!! Saban has no idea what he's doing on offense or defense. He's a SHITTY COACH!!!!!!
It was nice to see Bama lose, and a different team win.
Guillermo Torres:
both of those guys are bigger than renfrow even tho he had shoulder pads on in his interview. they look like killers
Michael Johnson:
Class Act by Coach Saban. Clemson was the better team. GO TIGERS!!!
Nick ImmaDick Satan:
"Don't worry fellow Low Tiders, I have a slew of convicts and criminal recruits to make it back next year. I know some of you are worried about our recent player, Anthony Parker, whom was just charged with MURDER but I only plan on a half-game suspension for him when he makes parole. Does anyone know when OJ gets out?"

- Saban, after getting finger-blasted in the 2017 Natty.
1st of all, the F'ing Shitty Refs called us for Pass Interference on Clemson when their guy OBVIOUSLY TRIPPED OVER HIS OWN FEET!!! That put them up 10 yards and they scored 2 plays later!! F-CK the Refs ....THEY Should NOT determine the outcome of ANY Game let alone one that is so important as a National Championship!! Dam It!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
Thomas Woodward:
Bottom line on this game was the REFEREE Mike Defee. The dude DOESN'T know the correct interpretation of the rule book. Clemson has perfected the ILLEGAL pick passing plays that IDIOTS like Defee have the inability to correctly flag as a INFRACTION.
Urban 'Heart Attack' Meyer:
"All I got to say is them mutherfuckers cheated, uh I mean, good game guys".

- Nick Saban during postgame interviews before realizing the microphones where on
jd carmona:
They represent the university reallly well. How many kids failed drug test at your school got arrested for assaults and weapons charges. Really represented the university of Alabama really well

    Nick Saban spoke to the media after Alabama's last-second loss to Clemson in his post-game press conference, answering a number of questions and expressing his feelings after the difficult loss.

Watch the video above to hear what the Tide's coach felt was the difference in the game, the challenges of changing offensive coordinators, including how the players handled the switch from Lane Kiffin to Steve Sarkesian, how he felt his team played overall, and more.