Darius Rucker - Come Back Song

>>98.7 The Bull>>Darius Rucker - Come Back Song
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3D Paper:
yes finally first comment emm ok....none of his songs are boring that really rear
Danny sparks:
chris stapleton wrote this song, hootie. please leave country music.
Elizabeth Wagner:
Chris stapleton wrote this song
Kelly Crenshaw:
what a jerk. acting like he cant remember that Chris Stapleton wrote this. And stapleton blows rucker away performing it.
Kyle Dunsmuir:
Wow. I very disappointed that hr gave no credit. What a douche
Laura Parsons:
he said he and couple of guys wrote this song.
Mark Stewart:
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said!!!
Shaun George:
lmao Darius,Chris,and Casey wrote this song together.Seems,someone doesn't know his country music.Please leave the youtube comments section.
That guitar is completely lacking in bold sound.

no back bone...... Glory hog... Who wrote that song, dude ? please........ get real.
scott m:
Chris Stapleton wrote this song....
SO WHO WROTE THIS SONG?????... its not your come back song.. chris stapleton WROTE your "come back song".. dont diss the man like that. you way way to good for that!!! and he is WAY to good to be disrespected like that.... im sure its not that hard to give him some credit before you start...

    Darius Rucker performs "Come Back Song" live in Studio 987 at the Bing Lounge on Thursday, January 17, 2013.