Pitch Perfect 2- Bellas final

>>Indygnada>>Pitch Perfect 2- Bellas final
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Abdulaziz Albassam:
That’s not the real porformance
Boomage Storm:
Since all the old-gen Bellas performed with them, I would've liked to see Alice (the leader of the Bellas in the beginning of the first movie) meet up with Chloe and Aubrey
Brendan Chwascinski:
Rebecca is my favorite on the girls side
Chris's Corner:
I love how “we belong” blends in towards the end. Really beautiful.
Cindy Williams:
I gate tgat the firl with the straight hair is main character in this movie i only like becca
Dont look at my profile picture:
I get chills every time ester dean starts singing in the v shape at 4:12 OMG I THINK I AM LESBIAN NOW LOLOL
Emily Antus:
Every time Beca looks at Emily, I start crying. Every. Single. Time. Ugh.
Ginnie Busam:
Katey sagal should have sung more in this
Goof Tunes Sadie's side:
The part where they do "WE BELONG" Is so funny because of before in the movie bumper and fat amy XD
Robert Dietz:
Pitch Perfect fans, y'all should check out Hit List: A New A Cappella Web Series! Episode one features some really fun a cappella performances, and lots of cameos from familiar aca-faces! http://tiny.cc/HitListSeries
SmithN' Wesson:
What a suprise salty Germans in the comments
Soconn Noy:
I really want to see the 3rd pitch perfect I've seen the 1st and the 2nd
Tondalaya Edwards:
What an awesome performance!!!!!!
Yolanda Garza:
I love it and I saw this like a billion times on TV and I love pitch perfect 2
leeroy kobin:
I watch this movie when i was sleeping over with my cousin half sister abd it was today and yesterday