Pitch Perfect 2- Bellas final

>>Indygnada>>Pitch Perfect 2- Bellas final
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Andrew Flood:
Aurora Winter:
AJ is real genius with that clapping thing bcos dayum!
Caycelynn Kapaa-Nii:
I love Aubrey at the ending she is so pretty
Charlie Dydasco:
2:07 that is what you call a teammate
Cordelia Williams:
They sings beautifully. And there awesome love them they are beautiful singers .
Hayden Diamondlord:
i think it is good but i haven seen it my friends say it is rlly bad so i don't know if i should watch this or another movie : /
I get chills every time ester dean starts singing in the v shape at 4:12 OMG I THINK I AM LESBIAN NOW LOLOL
Michael Link:
pitch perfect rocks![did you know a good morning amarica girl was on this vidio!?]
Omar Lopez:
Is it just me or was i the only one looking for that mean bitch in the first movie
Petra Šubínová:
Please what is this songs in original? Name? Thanks
Proud of what I am today:
I think this is still better than pp3 they used instruments and the riff off was not that exciting and they didn't use any remix for their performance. But pp2 has all of it
Sarah And michelle:
And i saw the whole movie and the whole thing made me cry 😢 full of joy
Soconn Noy:
I really want to see the 3rd pitch perfect I've seen the 1st and the 2nd
Tondalaya Edwards:
What an awesome performance!!!!!!
katie wright:
Sorry for all of you who have been living a lie, for the new "legacy's original song" is acutely not hers it' Jessie J's