John Denver / Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982] (Full)

>>M masassa>>John Denver / Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982] (Full)
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That' was one talented chick! She will be missed.
Andy Cap:
'Bells Of Rhymney' - is just amazing.
B Smith:
What a beautiful man he was. That's all.

His gift to us was his music. He was one of my heroes when he was alive. What a beautiful man. Watch this video and look at him...what a beautiful soul....thank God for this man appearing among us. What pleasure he gave to millions.
Dj #1 OU812 ?:
i am from toledp born..was there when he sang this 1980.. my dad took me .. @ U T go Rockets...
All my songs I wrote with playing harmonica are inspired from John Denver.
All time favourite.
Heinz-Willi Jacobi:
Für mich das beste was ich Live jemals gehört habe 👍,bin mit seinen Liedern als Kleinkind durch die Wohnung getanzt,er ist und bleibt ein kleiner Teil von mir✊👊
Iron Feliks:
J Mallett:
John Denver was very talented and a beautiful soul. He was high vibration, unlike the music that is out today. I love how he was not afraid to talk about God, unlike the sell outs who appear to be working for the other side. I hope John's dream of peace and end to hunger will come true for all of us.
Jim Ehrhardt:
Bravissimo!!! John Denver was a phenomenal entertainer, and I had the privilege to see him twice in Pittsburgh, and I cherished them both!
Laurena LaCroix:
I'm deeply touched... leaking water from my eyes... the depth of feeling... life hurts... without John Denver!
Martijn van den Akker:
It's a shame that 132 people don't know what good music is... If only they would listen
Paula Brunetto:
Bravo! A man who wrote so many songs for others......... A man who had the balls to stand and deliver..........Thank You Sir for sharing your talent with us. Thank You and may you rest in peace....
Sudhir Cv:
My favorite ever since I heard John Denver !,😄 What a voice.... flowing so gracefully...These are forever songs.
Youssef ROUDANI:
Écoutez ... Apprenez à écouter plus que vous parlez ... Mais écoutez la beauté ...
bruce benson:
I did not say Colorado. He died flying out of Monterey California.

    John Denver / His Guitar and his Music
Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982]

1. Rocky Mountain High
2. Sunshine On My Shoulders
3. Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio
4. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
5. Bells Of Rhymney
6. Indian Lord's Prayer
7. Durango Mountain Caballero
8. Thought Of You
9. Rhymes And Reasons
10. The Eagle And The Hawk

11. Take Me Home, Country Roads
12. Grandma's Feather Bed
13. Seasons Of The Heart
14. Poem...Ambulance Down In The Valley
15. Jimmy Newman
16. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
17. I Want To Live
18. Heart To Heart
19. Annie's Song
20. Calypso
21. Perhaps Love
22. This Old Guitar