John Denver / Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982] (Full)

>>M masassa>>John Denver / Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982] (Full)
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Beth Ann Zellers-Luckett:
His music and lyrics will forever touch us. And, he was a true humanitarian for our environment.
Bill Cole:
Thank you for posting this. I'm listening to this marvelous performance and find tears in my eyes. John was an important part of my life for a very long time and I miss him out there. I saw him in concert a half dozen times and was transfixed each time. My daughter Jennifer was raised with his music. I miss her, too, now that she's decided I'm the devil incarnate. We sang all these songs -- and many more -- together dozens of times. Perhaps, at the end of the day, she was the real love of my life. Perhaps there's simply no rhyme or reason to it. We need to be all that we can be and not what we are. Thanks for the journey, John!
David Harstin:
I've loved John Denver since I first heard him in the early 1970s. But I've never seen this performance. Great artists like him really do not need bands to back them up. What a performer. So natural, down to earth, and powerful!
I'm a Pastor and I've rarely heard songs that touch the heart of God the way John's music does. What a blessing. What a gift to us all!!
Jeanette McMaster:
I do so enjoy listening to John Denver.
Keekon Kim:
rocky mountain high를 좋아하시나요?
Liane Cornils:
Is keeping me from my profession a form of stealing do you suppose? Hmm, I'll bet.
It makes me weep what we lost. What were you thinking, John?
Patrick Nelson:
I am now requesting my family to play the song of "The Bells Of Rim....." at my funeral. My daughter has disowned me because I'm a failure in life, but have always been a deeply religious man, a devout Roman Catholic who loves her more deeply than life itself. I am a sinner but realized after listening to John Denver's songs more as he, I'm sure. are "Hymns" rather than trying to be a hit performer to himself.
May I meet him in heaven and enjoy God's glory with him and my family when that day comes long in the future.
Pete Alley:
A true performer ! Not like those now that have to have dancers and fireworks and theatrics.
Rob Rockin:
Definitely we shall all miss him. I grew up with all his music way way back. I learned his picking style. I have not heard anyone playing the into the way he did. Nothing disrespectful to you. It was good. The tabs were never printed. I met one of his guitar players 5 years ago. They still play his music.
Comes on stage grabs the 6 string and out comes genius.
Super talented guitar player, song writer and singer. I've listened to him since I was about 3 or 4, he was my dads favourite. 40 years on, I play guitar and understand music and I'm even more impressed by his talent now.
He came to Dycusburg, KY twice in the 70s to get a bunch of weed.
jennifer wedgbury:
Previous comments have said, he had the way of making you feel part of his family. That's exactly it, the manner of his death, made it worse, also the personal pain he had and the hard eighties. I think this is why we all felt it too. You'll always be the best Henry John deutchendorf Jr, if only you'd known how many people loved you. RIP.....

    John Denver / His Guitar and his Music
Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982]

1. Rocky Mountain High
2. Sunshine On My Shoulders
3. Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio
4. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
5. Bells Of Rhymney
6. Indian Lord's Prayer
7. Durango Mountain Caballero
8. Thought Of You
9. Rhymes And Reasons
10. The Eagle And The Hawk

11. Take Me Home, Country Roads
12. Grandma's Feather Bed
13. Seasons Of The Heart
14. Poem...Ambulance Down In The Valley
15. Jimmy Newman
16. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
17. I Want To Live
18. Heart To Heart
19. Annie's Song
20. Calypso
21. Perhaps Love
22. This Old Guitar