John Denver / Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982] (Full)

>>M masassa>>John Denver / Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982] (Full)
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Andy Melville:
I was THERE with my dad! What a night.
Billy Newman:
God has Bless us with your Voice and your Angelic Voice! Will never be another like him ever again!
Thank you Father for sending John Denver to us to share his voice & his Music! May he continues to sing in the Heavenly Choir & brings you just as must Pleasure in his Singing, as we all have!
R.I.P. John!!!
Chris P1 Primos:
still pissed he ended his own life ,after 2 DUI s and got off with dbl.jeopardy, he did not run out of fuel,, chose his own death. Sardy Field Aspen Colorado, peace be you and yours ,see you on the flip side
Denise Marie Close:
Just sat through this amazing performance, don't know how I missed it before .. Another LEGEND within his field.. LOVED this UK concert and so wished I had been there. Yet another sad loss to my particular generation .. i.e. people who loved music the way it was ... is deffo an aaaaage thing!! lol
Jennifer Horstmann:
What an adorable man! I loved him. Hearing his voice still always lifts me up. He wasn't perfect, just like the rest of us, but what a spirit he had! Like a beacon of inspiration to live our best lives <3 <3 <3
Lori Rothenbush:
How lucky are these people to experience John Denver's one man show. This concert is the best I've seen. Thank you Maestro John Denver. I love you. rip with love.
"This Old Guitar" is one of the most beautiful song ever.
Soooo ...
John would have wanted the border fence, and been a FAN of Trump.

I saw this same performance in Perth, Australia in 1983. Same white suit. Same fake plants on stage. It was just John and his 3 guitars. No backup whatsoever. The stadium was full. He mesmerized the crowd for over two hours. He didn't need a band. People laughed, cried (there were tears), and sang along to every song. He filled the stadium with his voice and his masterful guitar. It was magic! God bless this beautiful hippie!
Richard Boslow:
As I write this it is nearly 20 years since he is gone. His music is timeless to me and brings back so many fond memories!
Shane Sims:
Great job !! what a storyteller!!
Tom Bell:
People like John Denver are a gift from god. Sad he is not with us anymore
jim g:
The most heartfelt emotional rendition of, "Seasons of the Heart," I ever heard. Amazing.
pk two:
Love this guy and his love for planet earth. RIP!
sam ost:
Dear Lord in the heavens, please give us back John Denver, we'll trade you Justin Bieber.

    John Denver / His Guitar and his Music
Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982]

1. Rocky Mountain High
2. Sunshine On My Shoulders
3. Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio
4. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
5. Bells Of Rhymney
6. Indian Lord's Prayer
7. Durango Mountain Caballero
8. Thought Of You
9. Rhymes And Reasons
10. The Eagle And The Hawk

11. Take Me Home, Country Roads
12. Grandma's Feather Bed
13. Seasons Of The Heart
14. Poem...Ambulance Down In The Valley
15. Jimmy Newman
16. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
17. I Want To Live
18. Heart To Heart
19. Annie's Song
20. Calypso
21. Perhaps Love
22. This Old Guitar