Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - "Picture" (Live in Nashville)

>>CrowVideoTV4>>Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - "Picture" (Live in Nashville)
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Alma Fortner:
LOVE her sexy voice N im not a lesbian
Becky Davis:
The original version is always THE BEST, Sheryl Crow and Bobby's chemistry is unmistakable, I have seen him 12 times, I believe that him and her, just work, maybe the love between them,Best duet 💞 ever, I truly believe that she was the start of thrones BEST FU**KING COMBACK!!! 🎶🎶🎤🎤
Edwin Slack:
good patriotic american kid rock crowe another liberal trump hater
GC Ymous:
this tone deaf piece of white trash should not even share the stage with crowe or any human with an iq higher than 50
Glenn Ralston:
Kid ROCKS! Sheryl Crow is OUTSTANDING!!
Howie Zidel:
Can they do another song together - please!!
Igor Delgado:
Solo la voz de sheryl crow merece la pena
Jimmy Simmons:
Screw that Bitch! She made a Big Show of going to Bosnia when Clinton was President, then refused to entertain the troops in Bosnia because Bush was the President. Same guys, different Commander in Cheif. Fuck her & all of those Anti-American, Communist, Libtard Cunts!!
Karen Brannen:
it was like he was seeing if she could measure up !! of course she could and did!!
Lana Gail:
This is the sexiest duet! Not Johnny Cash but no one is.
Loran Volkening:
She maybe sexy,
but she married to Kidrock.
Slashs Hat:
damn i would knock the bottom out of SC
Vanessa Montes Garcia:
Kid Rock doesn't have his shade's on in this video! He has on nice clothes on! He always looks good but it's nice to see him dressed up! She looks good too! You guy's nailed it! Love you both!
Vivian Swanson:
Love the music. Want to hear more. Kid rock rocks.
michael thresher:
imo sheryl didnt look like she was into it and kid rock looked like he was holding back.....great song but shit performance by both.....i know they can do better than that when both are feeling it lol

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