Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - "Picture" (Live in Nashville)

>>CrowVideoTV4>>Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - "Picture" (Live in Nashville)
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How many other fellas, are with me in they tried to drink a girlfriend/ex girlfriend away??🍻
Birdie Roller:
I don't like how they stopped and so many times in the middle of a song you don't you lose the whole song
Charles Mullins:
she's so hott i melt down everytime i see her. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheryl Nash:
When this first came out I liked Kid Rock but then I heard he was into tRump. ANybody who likes tRump is stupid. He's not to be trusted. No GOP nor RNC is safe with this animal in office.'
Dean Goddard:
This guy has gone off the rails in the years since he did this duet with Sheryl Crow. Has he always been this nuts?
Deborah Trevisiol:
to Debbie Cox!!! do you have family in Arkansas???
Dominique Tremblay:
Leurs histoire est vrai vous n avez rien compris le geler qui l as fait souffrir qui fait le bon gars moi non 🔫😈
Frances Gray:
💜💙💜💙 you and miss you SOOOO much MISTY Jane. ALWAYS loving you girl?
Gary Chamberlain:
Sheryl Crow is one awesome singer in a perfect duet.
It doesn't get any better than this.
Marie Miers:
Help please tell me who that guy that s sitting high on that high chair in the back of kid rock it looks like he could be a friend of mine please tell me
Mary Byrnes:
I agree Sheryl crow does nail it because she is the one sung it with kid rock in the first place but Leann rimes did a really good as well in my opinion . but no one comes close to shryl crow because she is thhe one who wrote it with him when it first came out
Pat Robinson:
i love this song thanks Cheryl and Kidd
Shirley Rael:
A song that is so dam true 🌻
I think I like Sheryl Crow's singing better that Miranda's singing, why did he swap for Miranda ?

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