Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - "Picture" (Live in Nashville)

>>CrowVideoTV4>>Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - "Picture" (Live in Nashville)
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Barb Penwell:
I luv Kid Rock. This is one of his best songs. Wish i was younger
Becki Goodwin:
what is this?all these talented blessed singers trying to help him or what?
Christer Holmberg:
but she on the ather hand nshe looks great you cant do more than love her
Cindy Spengler:
I like the word change...........................I saw your picture today.............Sat down and cried today...................................
Connie Underwood:
it should be me beside him not her he is to sexy for her he should be mine I will show hi
what a hillbilly can do for him your bigest fan e ever connie
Dylaan McEwen:
Beautiful voices and what a beautiful harmony together
James Mason:
I just called to say I fucked him come back home!!!!
K D:
Wish he would keep the cocaine line in it. Don't like editing the originals. Great duo
Marie Miers:
could you tell me who that guy that s sitting up high on that chair behind kid rock and Cheryl I know who he is I think
Marty Hall:
I think that is the most perrfect combination I went to Chruch today and I am off to drink you away. I love Jesus He is our Saviour
Shay Mischief & Music:
Hey y'all I'm a singer living in Nashville. I do covers, vlogs, diet recipes, mukbangs and other mischief. Subscribe to follow my journey and check out a few of my videos. If you make videos too leave a comment and I'll subscribe to you. Let's support each other and make 2017 awesome! :-)
Steven Pringle:
crow is very versatile. i like this too. wonder how it'll sound with little soul.
Wyatt Johns:
the guitar solo in this song is totally taken from free bird
Spank! I am just saying! Awesome tune and both talents! :-)
I have was used dvd.she voice is beautiful.

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