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Alexander Bourquin:
This song makes me feel extremely grateful for the small things in my life
BlackWolf XB1:
My song right here. "Got some good friends that live down the street" "Live in a small town where it feels like home" That's definitely me 😁🤙
Clayton Hyatt:
Yeah Zac Brown band never let somebody down I personally have never heard a bad zac brown band song
Cupcake 101:
Love this song it just makes me happy...😄😅😆😃😍😂😁😀

Yes I liked it because that's the only like I will git..😐😄😂😉😊
David Shipe:
hear this on College Gameday every Saturday love it!!!!
Diane Flint:
I love this song sooooooo much but it sounds, like "I got some girlfriends that live down the street"but it's REALLY I got some good friends
Dude perfect James:
And your friend threw me a pick
Jake Dwinell:
In the intro who else thinks its very similar to Chesneys "All the Pretty Girls"?
MacElhadi a:
the melody
reminds me of Martina McBride , happy girl
Nam Jibbles:
me and my cousin used to scream this song together
Norma Schroeder:
kick ass song
go you georgia boy...
Paula Genereau:
I miss this song it was one of my favorites
Raincity Updates:
I listen to this song everyday day and it never gets old
Rhonda Boncutter:
Wish you would come to the midwest, like, Ohio! I like in Cincinnati, lots of fans here!
Schleim Königin10:
I know I am a little late but come on best song ever

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