Brantley Gilbert - One Hell Of An Amen

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Amanda Panda:
Beautiful song. Makes me think of grandpa sitting in the Arlington cemetery.
American Pride:
Such Hollywood song smh soldiers dont receive any sort of 21 gun salute or any gun salute for that matter vets etc will receive 3 volleys of rifle fire i wish song writers could be accurate with such subjects
April Puckett:
It reminds me of my grandpa. It almost makes me cry 😢
Carolina Marie:
Love this song wait I love Brantley Too lol
Casper The friendly ghost:
I'm goinh to have one hell of an amen..... FOR REAL.
David Anglin:
Don't shoot me. I'm just the messenger.

"I had been in thirteen battle engagements, had sunk a submarine, and was the first man ashore in the landing at Roi. In that four years, I thought, What a hell of a waste of a man's life. I lost a lot of friends. I had the task of telling my roommate's parents about our last days together. You lose limbs, sight, part of your life—for what? Old men send young men to war. Flags, banners, and patriotic sayings.

We are unique in the world, a nation of thirty million war veterans. We're the only country in the world that's been fighting a war since 1940. Count the wars—Korea, Vietnam—count the years. We have built up in our body politic a group of old men who look upon military service as a noble adventure.

We've always gone somewhere else to fight our wars, so we've not really learned about its horror. Seventy percent of our military budget is to fight somewhere else.

We've institutionalized militarism. This came out of World War Two. In 1947, we passed the National Security Act. You can't find that term—national security—in any literature before that year. It created the Department of Defense. Up till that time, when you appropriated money for the War Department, you knew it was for war and you could see it clearly. Now it's for the Department of Defense. Everybody's for defense. Otherwise you're considered unpatriotic. So there's absolutely no limit to the money you must give to it. So they've captured all the Christians: the right of self-defense. Even the "just war" thing can be wrapped into it.

We never had a Joint Chiefs of Staff before. In World War Two, there was a loose coalition, but there was no institution. It gave us the National Security Council. It gave us the CIA, that is able to spy on you and me this very moment. For the first time in the history of man, a country has divided up the world into military districts. No nation in the world has done that before or has done it since. They have a military solution for everything that happens in their area.

Our military runs our foreign policy. The State Department simply goes around and tidies up the messes the military makes. The State Department has become the lackey of the Pentagon. Before World War Two, this never happened. You had a War Department, you had a Navy Department. Only if there was a war did they step up front. The ultimate control was civilian. World War Two changed all this.

I don't think I've changed. I was a good ship captain. I was tough. I worked like the devil to see that my ship and my men were the best. I loved the sea and still do. I think the United States has changed. It got away from the idea of trying to settle differences by peaceful means. Since World War Two, we began to use military force to get what we wanted in the world. That's what military is all about. Not long ago, the Pentagon proudly announced that the U.S. had used military force 215 times to achieve its international goals since World War Two. The Pentagon likes that: military force to carry out national will.

I was in Vietnam. I saw the senseless waste of human beings. I saw this bunch of marines come off this air-conditioned ship. Nothing was too good for our sailors, soldiers, and marines. We send 'em ashore as gung ho young nineteen-year-old husky nice-looking kids and bring 'em back in black rubber body bags. There are a few little pieces left: over, some entrails and limbs that don't fit in the bags. Then you take a fire hose and you hose down the deck and push that stuff over the side.

I myself volunteered to go to Vietnam and fight. I didn't question whether it was in the nation's interest. I was a professional naval officer and there was a war. I hope as we get older, we get smarter. You could argue World War Two had to be fought. Hitler had to be stopped.

World War Two has warped our view of how we look at things today. We see things in terms of that war, which in a sense was a good war. But the twisted memory of it encourages the men of my generation to be willing, almost eager, to use military force anywhere in the world.

For about twenty years after the war, I couldn't look at any film on World War Two. It brought back memories that I didn't want to keep around. I hated to see how they glorified war. In all those films, people get blown up with their clothes and fall gracefully to the ground. You don't see anybody being blown apart. You don't see arms and legs and mutilated bodies. You see only an antiseptic, clean, neat way to die gloriously.

I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them....." Admiral Gene Larocque
Lisa Martin:
I love this long... you rock....
Mary Mcelrath:
Yep my unile daied on my birthday be four is turn 13
Matthew Loss:
God bless you John and Kory, and everyone else that fought for us.
And they rap sounds the same, but so does country music. Country music is so basic.
Ronald Southwick:
Why is he wearing an orange bandana
Samantha Human:
My brother is in the service .... SKYLER HUMAN but he not in the war yet ..but l just worries about him if he does die and don't want him to die out there but I'm proud of my top favorite brother in the whole wide world (SKYLER HUMAN)
Sjv 123:
This song should have a super like button because it gives me chills sometimes.
Gives me chills, I witness this in Iraq, Afghanistan salute to the bad asses
wide awake:
My brother was serving in the Navy and came back from deployment and found out he had cancer in 2010. He was 30 and passed at 32. Brantley you invited my nephews to your concert because you went to high school with their mom's boyfriend. Thank you so much! This song has meant alot to our family!

    “One Hell of an Amen” can be found on Brantley’s latest album JUST AS I AM PLATINUM EDITION: